04/16/07...A day that changed the history of Virginia Tech University and brought about ripples of impact all over the world. Dubbed “The Worst U.S. Massacre in History,” this Tragedy has impacted countless lives and revealed strengths and weaknesses in the American culture and the nature of mankind all over the world. Conceived in the aftermath of the VT Tragedy and coming to birth through the labor of my personal tragedy, this site is intended to give sight through the darkness that so often impacts our lives.

Through tragedy we can learn. There is much for each of us to learn in the aftermath of the VT Tragedy.

What Have You Learned?

There are many lessons to learn from the VT Tragedy. I have written about these and my story is now released and printed in a book (as of 03-29-10): "The Virginia Tech Tragedy and My Personal Tragedy: Lessons To Learn From An Insider And From Scripture." This is available at many online websites and can now be ordered directly and securely by clicking on the book cover to the right. I am selling it "for $16" to help people remember 04-16. I will autograph copies ordered this way and personally address them if specified to me through my contact information below. Here on this website, I have posted many Blog articles and other things relating to what I have and am learning. I wonder if you would like to comment on some things that you have learned since 04-16-07? The block on the bottom right allows you to sign on with your own user name and password and comment to any posts below! Keep visiting this site and even mark it on your favorites, as there will be regular blog additions (click on "read more" to see the entire blog articles) below relating to all of the lessons we need to be learning to truly prevail in our lives and in our communities.

The "Pulse" of our Nation!

Thump, thump…thump, thump…thump, thump…thump, thump—your pulse. It’s what helps you know you’re alive. It’s what helps you know if you are healthy. If you don’t have a pulse, then you’re dead or soon will be! If you know what happened today at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, you’ve likely had an increase in the rate of your pulse! The horrific news of this shooting today, brings us to another new low, eclipsing The Virginia Tech Tragedy as “the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. History.” As of the writing of this blog, 50 souls have lost their pulse and 53 more are said to be injured, with more deaths expected. What does this say about us, in yet another “record year” of mass shootings? What do you say is The “Pulse” of our Nation?


Wow! It has been 8 years since the worst mass shooting in American history and the Life Changing event that rocked Blacksburg, Virginia and sent rumbles of impact into campuses and communities throughout the world! What have we learned? What still needs to be learned? 2014 gives evidence that much still needs to be learned, given the record of at least 40 school related shootings throughout the year! Each school incident, along with every other incident of violence throughout our society, brings specific life changes to all those directly involved and changes our lives as we hear and reflect on whatever is happening. What is it that makes parents abuse and murder their children? What is it that leads a person to stabbing or shooting their fellow human being? What makes someone have so much anger to act out and hurt their self or even take their rage out on others? We need answers! We need a Life Changer!

One Day!

One day, on a seemingly ordinary, but cold day, seven year ago today (04-16-07), the history of the world was changed forever. Breaking news started spreading around the world that a horrific shooting had taken place. It was in an unexpected place—the more solitary, small town of Blacksburg, Virginia on the campus of Virginia Tech. What was going on? The first frightening reports indicated that dozens were hurt or even killed, with a potential second shooter on the loose. Before long, the heartbreaking news was revealed that 32 people had been killed and many more wounded before the lone shooter, Seung-Hui Cho, ended the massacre by shooting himself. The death toll stood at 33, with 17 others wounded. What an awful way to start off what had seemed to be a more ordinary day! What a terrible tragedy, dubbed the worst shooting massacre in United States history! This one day, that turned out to be such a tragic day, sent ripples of impact all over the world!

A Plain Mystery

By now, you have likely formed some opinion on the news surrounding the mystery of the missing Malaysian Flight 370. In an age of technology and nearly instant communication, it is quite odd that there could be a commercial jet with 239 passengers to simply disappear. How could this possibly be? Perhaps this is what has made this the world’s biggest story for over the past two weeks?! With the most recent announcement that a British company has determined that the plane necessarily, tragically crashed and all 239 perished, families and others looking for some closure are still torn. Why did this plane change its scheduled path? Why did it remain in flight for several hours, with no maydays for help or outside communication of any kind, aside from the last known words of the co-pilot: “All right, good night”? What kind of a plane mystery is this? Certainly, we hope that some wreckage will be found or better yet that the passengers are alive (even if held hostage). Will this mystery be made plain? Whether this is just another type of tragedy or else some sort of terrorism or combination of the two, this latest article will play off of this event and speak to this subject of a plain mystery.

Valuing Life!

While many are discussing the State of the Union Address, this article will take this moment in time and history to consider the real state of this United States and where things need to change to turn us around and unite us as a Nation. There is so much yet to be learned or understood, as I have regularly written and talked about since my life was turned upside down following the still deadliest school shooting in U.S. history at Virginia Tech on 4-16-07. So far, as of this date in 2014, there have already been 9 school shooting incidents (including one just occurring at Roosevelt High School in Honolulu Hawaii), which puts us on track to have far more than the 28 school related shootings in 2013. On top of that, there was a recent mall shooting in Columbia, Maryland, where three, including the shooter, were killed and five others injured. What is going on with our society and with our values? A large part of the problem is that we are not valuing life as we should!

Race to Prejudice

Prejudice must first be understood. It is basically a pre-judging or judging before there is a more perfect or an accurate knowledge. We all tend to do this. It is part of our fallen nature. It is also part of a sense of pride that makes one believe he or she has a better understanding or knowledge than others. This tendency toward pride and prejudice is particularly a problem in an age of computerization and instant access to knowledge. Prejudice fights against objectivity and gets us into trouble! How often have you pre-judged something or someone, only to learn later than you had misjudged?


Wow, with all of the news lately, there is much that could be discussed! The Virginia Supreme Court REVERSED the verdict about the guilt of the Virginia Tech University following the 2007 Shooting Massacre. Whatever your feelings are there, much still does need to be learned to reverse practices that lead to such tragic shootings. My book focuses on these things further! Other news also shows the need for reversals. A bullying scandal has rocked the Miami Dolphins and the entire NFL along with the Sports world. The gun control debate was ignited yet again with the recent shooting at the Los Angeles airport where several were wounded and a TSA agent was killed. Thousands have also just passed into eternity in the Philippines, where a Super Typhoon devastated that island Nation. Since the U.S. debt limit was raised and the partial government shutdown ended (note my last blog article), grave economic fears have waned. Still, there are major concerns over what is directly, negatively affecting millions of Americans and what will have a personal effect on each of us. The debacle with the health care situation and the Federal Government’s website, the Affordable Health Care Act has been consistently dominating the news. What is going on? Where are the answers? We need a reversal here as well!

Shutdown Tragedy?

By now, you should have some opinion about the partial U.S. Government Shutdown. This is not a closing of any local or state government, so most things are continuing on as usual (at least in the short term). This is not even a shutdown of every aspect of the federal government, as many federal workers are still working and the government has to continue to function in many capacities, as we do not live completely separated from all the other countries in the world. Politicians are still working and we are certainly hearing more of their comments; the IRS is definitely not going to miss taking in revenues! All of the hype in the media makes this seem more like a horrible tragedy. Is it? Are we all or is the entire world in terrible danger? Is this a shutdown tragedy?

Military Massacre

Fresh from the rare military death sentence being issued for the 2009 Fort Hood Shooter, Major Nidal Hasan, who killed 13 people and wounded 31, comes yet another military massacre! The Nation, and military in particular, was just hit again with another horrible massacre at the Washington D.C. Naval Yard. This strike immediately made the news and has drawn the world’s attention rather quickly, given that it was on a military base and so close to the U.S. Capital and White House. Again, 13 souls have passed into Eternity, with 8 or more other injuries from the multiple gun battles with police, before the shooter, Aaron Alexis, was killed. More information about the shooter and shooting is still coming out, but no doubt, this latest military massacre is yet another horrible shooting that will leave us with many more lessons needing to be learned!


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I hope that you agree with the slogan so often referenced here in Blacksburg, Virginia: “We will prevail.” I believe we will only truly prevail as we seek to learn through the challenges and even tragedies in life. Our Creator would have us to grow, but not grow weary. He would have us to truly prevail and not be defeated or remain sad or depressed. This website is dedicated for HIS Glory.