Battle of the Mind

The greatest Battle any of us will ever face is the battle in our mind (and it is an ongoing battle). One of the tabs above is entitled this as this was what I titled the graveside service I gave for my brother, Jonathan Franklin Pugh, who lost that particular battle when he took his own life in 2004. I would encourage you to look at that transcript or even watch the rough video of that service. There is much for all of us to learn even through that tragic event!

Seung-Hui Cho lost the battle in his mind and in fact went much further than most would dare go (though human nature is such that given enough time on this path, any of us could stoop that low). We make a grave mistake if we look at ourselves as above potentially doing such a horrible thing. We are wrong if we attempt to erase or exclude Seung Hui-Cho from our memories as less than human. He was a troubled human being who did not know GOD’S PEACE. Were it not for GOD’S GRACE, we would all be involved in a lot more evil. There is a greater evil coming on the world, and I trust as you are reading this, you are prepared to escape this coming evil that will come upon the world.

We had best learn to guard our heart and mind. I challenge you to read Philippians 4:6-9 (you can access a Bible search on the Gospel tab above). As we learn to not worry about things, but instead pray about these things and think about the proper things, thanking GOD for HIS Blessings, HIS PEACE will guard our hearts and minds.

Inaction will not help, but will only allow evil to prevail and negatively impact others. If you are not engaged in the battle of your mind, you are losing ground. This is an important lesson to learn from the VT Tragedy and even my own ongoing personal tragedy. We dare not give in to INACTION, nor respond in REACTION, but instead must lead in TRUTHFUL ACTION. Only then, will we truly prevail!

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