It is ALL about CONTROL!

Every situation you are in, every problem in life, every tragedy you face is all about CONTROL! It is about who or what is in control of how things will effect you and about whether you will be in control or yield to outside forces. Having CONTROL of something means you can manage it the way you want. Just as has been noted in previous blogs, we know that there are many things in life that we CANNOT CONTROL. Take for instance the tragedy of tornadoes that impact many people, especially during the transition of seasonal changes. People in southeastern Virginia know first hand about this from the recent devastation of tornadoes that blew through there this past Monday.

Christians believe (as do people of other faiths) that GOD is Sovereign, or IN ULTIMATE CONTOL, over everything. Sickness, problems and tragedies happen all throughout life, so the tendency is to question whether GOD is really powerful enough to be IN CONTROL, since HE is a GOD of LOVE and COMPASSION. Many seek to resolve this by resorting to a Deist philosophy that says HE just must not be that involved in HIS Creation. Others seek to elevate the power of evil or even change their understanding of GOD (by saying HE doesn’t know things that haven’t happened yet in time [a view that is becoming more popular, often called “open Theism” or “Process Theology”] ).

GOD, however is a GOD who is outside of time (HE created time) and who is a GOD of ACTION (see my previous blog). Jesus said, when confronted by the religious leaders and His own people, that His Father was still working and He was working (c.f. John 5:16-18). GOD works and He also allows the effects of sin that came into the world (c.f. Genesis 3; Romans 5:12) to continue for a time until Jesus returns to the earth and eventually makes all things new. Even Satan is allowed to do some things (c.f. Job), though this fallen angel still has to report to GOD before doing anything. Satan is said to be the “god of this world” today (2 Corinthians 4:4), so he does maintain some limited control.

Maybe your parents control you; maybe it is your spouse. Maybe your boss controls you; maybe it is your house. Maybe it is some form of governmental position that is impacting your life. Whatever you allow to control you will, even if that is your own thinking or waves of emotion. If we learn the lessons from the tragedies that GOD allows in this fallen world, then we will recognize that we are at the mercies of this Holy and Loving GOD. We must yield to HIM and FEAR HIM Above ALL (the #1 Lesson of all lessons). Seung-Hui Cho did not learn this lesson. Instead, he sought to control things himself and acted out in terrible violence toward those around him. We must learn the lessons about Control! We must respect the authorities GOD has established. Take another look at my “Top Ten” Lessons above if you want to think about these things further (and look up the Scriptures).

Dear reader, will you yield yourself to the ONE who is in ULTIMATE CONTROL? The Bible says (Philippians 2:10-11) that one day everyone will willingly yield their will when faith becomes sight, so why not do so today so you can stop struggling against what you cannot control? Check out Romans 6:13-16!

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