Reality and Imagination…

Life has a way of keeping us living in reality. GOD has created this physical world and created man with the ability to think and even imagine. This is one thing that clearly separates us from the animals and shows the clear inadequacies of evolutionary thinking. Thinking according to reality is something that we must do and thinking biblically is something that we should do and what we must do if we hope to be at peace and learn and enjoy all the things our Creator has given us. When we do not think this way, we are open to the suggestion of other ideas and spiritual thoughts and will be controlled by these or our own imaginations–just as Seung-Hui Cho was.

The reality of storms certainly has rung true for many of us this week–and some more directly. There has been much news about the cyclone that hit Burma about a week ago. There have also been many strong storms and tornadoes in the United States this week and even some recently in my own state of Virginia. Only God knows what storms will come today or tomorrow or what hurricanes will impact our lives this season. Storms remind us of the problem of sin in God’s Creation (I’ll write more about that in future blogs). In the midst of physical or spiritual and emotional storms and tragedies we can still be at peace if we know and trust GOD!

So far as imagination, what do you think about how imagination relates to reality? God gives us an imagination, though it should be a sanctified imagination in accordance to the Word of God. An illustration of what I am thinking here comes from thinking about the popular modern Christian song, “I Can Only Imagine.” This song reflects an aspect of truth in that we do not yet know by sight what it will be like when we come before the throne of God. We can know something about this though–by faith in what the Word of God says. It will be far different from what many are imagining and even different from some of how this song speculates–more of my thinking there in a future post! 😀

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