Take a Vacation

Do you remember the movie, “What About Bob?” and the Vacation Therapy that was suggested there?  It was, “Take a vacation from your problems!” 😀  While you can’t escape the reality of tragedy and the realities of life, it is not a bad idea to take a break from the intensity and closeness you have to any tragic event or sad circumstances of life.  When there is a tragedy, you will find yourself focused on it for days, weeks, and maybe even longer.  Just be careful not to take a vacation from your mind and what will really help…


Thanks to the generosity of some family members, I was just able to have a few days away from the trials in my own life.  I enjoyed the time away with family and the wonderful Creation of God at the beach.  There are so many lessons to learn just from observing the ocean and all the creatures in it, along with the waves and treasures on the seashore.  One relevant one to share now is how the waves of the ocean (circumstances of life) will cause you to sink in the sand if you remain positioned in the same place.  You have to keep moving and you have to adjust your position to not be overwhelmed by the waves or just sink in the sand.


Another important lesson is to make sure that any time away is not simply mindless entertainment.  Life still goes on and a great way to get perspective is to see a larger picture than what you are facing, but to also focus on the Creation of GOD!  There are so many lessons we can learn from all of the creatures HE has made!


So, enjoy some time away from the immediate circumstances of life or tragedy, but be sure to not vacate your mind from the Truth and the reality of Creation.  Other mindless things will certainly fill it.  Remember, the Battle is in the mind!  Just check out the tab above (the graveside service of my Brother, Jonathan) and the other blogs on this site (like the 04-15-08 Blog “Battle of the Mind.”).  Take a vacation from your problems, but not from GOD!

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