THEISM, A-theism and Deism

What in the world would this subject have to do with tragedy?  Well, quite a bit.  As noted, tragedy will test what you are made of and it will do much to reveal what you believe or even take belief away from you.  There are multitudes of examples of how some tragedy has led to someone turning their life toward GOD and doing much more in faith than they may have done before.  I have friends who came to believe in GOD (Theism) following a tragedy and others who came to doubt or even disbelieve in GOD (A-theism) after a tragedy.  Some even resort to what amounts to denying that GOD is involved enough to prevent tragedy (Deism)…


Following the events of personal tragedy in my own life, my faith has been strengthened.  I have also come to understand that many around me who claim to be Theists are acting more like Deists and many who lean toward Atheism are becoming more Agnostic or even considering Theism to some extent.  Either GOD does exist or HE doesn’t or HE does and has just left this world (and even this Universe) to merely natural processes.


I challenge you to think with me here or research further.  Did you know that Naturalism became more popular and a mainstream teaching even up to today due to the influence of Charles Darwin (his 200th birthday is 02-12-09 and this is the 150th year from the publication of his seminal work on 11-24-09)?  Did you know that Charles Darwin had believed in God and even studied theology?  Did you know that it was after the tragedy of sickness and death with his beloved oldest daughter, Annie, that he essentially became a die-hard Naturalist?  Did you know that his Naturalism and essentially what became Atheism was confirmed through the tragedy in the life of his 10th (and last) child, Charles, who died after struggling with was likely soon to be labeled as Down’s Syndrome (just two years before “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life” was published)?


Friend, GOD created the natural world that we should be enjoying, yet many do not acknowledge Him as the Creator.  Some are even upset with Him for allowing evil and suffering in this world.  GOD revealed Himself in time and space in and through the Historical Person of Jesus Christ (the man Who changed the way we even measure time up to today–2009 (from around the time of the birth of Jesus Christ).  He came to suffer and die for our sins and to defeat that which was lost after the fall from the original Creation (see Luke 19:10).  HE defeated death through His Resurrection from the dead and will eventually defeat death altogether (the last enemy–see 1 Corinthians 15:26).


PLEASE don’t let evil or even personal tragedy defeat you.  Do not let it blind you to the light in Creation and THE LIGHT–JESUS CHRIST!  Do not take the middle ground (Deism) and be deceived to think that GOD must exist, but is not involved in His Creation.  Do not even be the “practical Deist” that characterizes many Christians today.  The LORD is involved in my life, despite my ongoing tragedy!  HE will help you in whatever tragedy you may face.  Look over more of what is on this website.  Research more of what I have said here.  Investigate my own life or wait and read more about it in the soon coming book.  Contact me if you have further questions.  Learn to prevail and to believe what is obviously true!


More explanation here and a link to the VT Tragedy will also be explained in my upcoming book.

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