The Tragedy of WISHful thinking

I imagine that most of you who are reading this Blog have watched at least some of the ceremonial pageantry of the Inaugural activities in Washington, D.C.  It is encouraging to see so many people filled with a sense of hope and unity (there was a similar feeling at the VT Convocation on 04-17-07 following the VT Tragedy).  How often do we see people with such diversity of backgrounds and even diversity of faiths get together for any purpose?  This is a good thing, yet is what is being said and done the best or even the right thing?  Could it simply be the tragedy that keeps anyone from actually truly prevailing in life and before the Almighty?  Might it simply be “WISHful thinking”?


I have been continually burdened by how CLOSE everyone is to the full Truth of what we can objectively know.  I see this with people who claim no faith in God and people who claim to have pure faith in God and many in between.   It is possible to work all around a problem and not ever get to the solution of actually working through it.  An important point there is also relevant in relation to how we deal with problems and even the tragedies of life.  You cannot prevail around a difficulty or problem; you cannot even prevail over it.  You should not be under it, but instead go through it to the actual solution.  That is how you learn and grow and please the ALMIGHTY—Who we know in the Person of the Only GOD-MAN, JESUS CHRIST (you might even take another look at one of my related earlier Blogs–04-29-08:  “GROWTH…from Compassion to ACTION:  [].


The Bible has the answer to all of our problems and gives us the wisdom to know the solution through them.  I know this by faith in its promises and by experience in my life.  It works and it is true.  That is a superior test of what is right.  We can put our hope in fallible men (just note the “oath flub” if you are caught up out of reality there) or we can even pray to who we think is GOD or we might even fast (check out many televangelists) and possibly go to an extreme of cutting ourselves or something (Scripture talks about this in places like 1 Kings 18:21ff).


The Almighty will not bless us (or bless America as He wants to) or even acknowledge our sincere prayers and WISHES of blessings if we do not properly acknowledge HIM and the Son, JESUS CHRIST (c.f. Psalm 66:18; Proverbs 3:6-7).  There is NO OTHER WAY to the true solution and NO OTHER HOPE!  JESUS HIMSELF even said this in John 14:6: “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.”  Many are so caught up in the lesser battles, such as fighting to pray in Jesus’ name or something, when they may actually not even be living in Jesus’ name.


This friend, is DIFFERENT from what most of you are hearing and watching.  I trust this will be what you will come to be living (if you are to actually prevail).  Do you see what I am saying?  Might you agree with me in this Truth, which is the reality of the Word and the world that I see?  Anything else, no matter how good or close to perfection it may be is simply “WISHful thinking.”

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