Chimp off the old block?

By now, most of those reading this blog have likely heard the story of Travis, the 200 pound Chimpanzee that recently attacked a Connecticut woman, leading to a multifaceted tragedy for both women directly involved and the chimp itself.  In light of the recent and worldwide emphasis on Charles Darwin and his evolutionary theory of life, more should begin to think of this alleged relationship between men and monkeys (or as many say, with apes).  It is well established and promoted by evolutionary scientists that chimps are allegedly man’s closest relative.  This is a greater tragedy (even impacting this more recent tragedy) and one that many blindly accept as Truth, as they become willingly ignorant of what the Creation teaches us….


Chimpanzees are said to genetically be as close to humans as having only a “1.23” difference (though other genetic studies show a greater estimated difference).  The differences between humans and chimps are said to be less than the differences between chimps and other apes.  Regardless of what is actually true there, a greater question comes from this evolutionary thinking:  Is there any actual evidence that we have evolved from Chimpanzees or any other animal?  The answer and everything we KNOW to be true is as simple as 1-2-3. J  There are NO transitional forms between one species and another (or biblically speaking between one “kind” and another), much less between apes and men.  No matter what similarities may exist between organisms (genetic or otherwise), there are very obvious and real differences that do exist.  Human beings are vastly superior to the highest order of any animal life.  Biblically, we understand that the key difference is that we were created “in the image of God” (Genesis 1:27).


The way that so many educated scientists can put their faith in the ludicrous idea that chimps are closely related to us only demonstrates the tragedy of the willingly ignorant beliefs that exclude a Creator God (see also my 06-17-08 Blog:  “Intelligence and Ignorance”).  The woman who owned this chimp became way too comfortable with the idea that the chimp was like a human son to her.  Granted, Travis was quite capable of doing more than many animals can do, yet he was still only a Chimpanzee.  Worse than this, the owner even gave this chimp an anti-anxiety drug (Xanex), which likely even had some impact in the chimp’s aggressive attack.  Interestingly, it is also these anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic drugs that are the common denominator in all of the school shooting tragedies (including the Virginia Tech Massacre).  I will have to talk more about that in another Blog.  The fact is that chimps are not human beings and are less predictable than humans.  We should not be deceived into thinking that they are an actual distant relative of ours.


Friend, please do not succumb to this evolutionary deception.  You are a unique human being that has been created in God’s image and blessed with a mind and will to think and live far above any animal.  If you accept the belief (and it is that—a faith position) that we have evolved from apes (or in particular some class of Chimpanzee), then you are saying that you are just a “chimp off the old block.”  Maybe you are acting more like an aggressive and unpredictable wild animal than you are a human being?  Maybe you are just thinking more wildly and accepting of a God-less theory such as evolution?


Virginia Tech (and all) should come to realize the impact and beliefs of the founder of the modern Creation movement—Dr. Henry Morris (who was essentially forced out of his position at Virginia Tech in the 1960’s by the “educated” evolutionary minded professors here)—more on Dr. Morris coming soon!  We are far more than “chimps off the old block.”

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