I Did It “MY WAY”

A number of factors come into why I am writing about this subject today.  As I have tried to work through my own ongoing tragedy (stemming from the VT Tragedy) I have been told by many, even legal authorities as recent as 03-25-09, that I am just stuck on wanting things my way.  This reminds me of the Frank Sinatra hit song, “My Way” in 1969 (incidentally, the year I was born, and when Henry Morris was essentially forced out of Virginia Tech).  I do not intend to critique or comment directly on that “My Way” song, yet I would like to play off of that idea again here and what we often hear about “My Way” or “Your Way” and even “The Way.”


Is it not true that we all want things done “our way”?  Some may just give in to the thinking of others around them and follow the latest fad, news story, or suggestions from those they hear; this is still the way they choose to take and often paradoxically seen as “the easy way out.”  This is more of an escape mentality.  Others try to force their way and even do so to extremes, such as violence toward others.  This is what happened with the VT Shooter, who became isolated from others to the point that he forced his way.  This is an attack response (and a most extreme one in the case of Seung Hui-Cho). I believe that the majority of people try to live in a more conciliatory middle, though they sometimes take a way of escape or occasionally even a way of attack.  In the middle, you will accept other’s thinking, yet even work to try to persuade others to agree with some of your own thinking.  A related subject here is acceptance (or conversely “Rejection” as I blogged about recently on 03-17-09—“The Tragedy of REJECTION”).


So, back to what led me to think and write about this today.  Yes, I do want things to be done my way, however I believe it is not originally or even ultimately “my way” that I am seeking.  In reality, and to be quite open and honest with you, dear reader, I am working to try to persuade people to be following GOD’S WAY, which as the Bible teaches, is “The Way.”  In fact, before they were called Christians, believers in Jesus Christ were called “people of The Way.”  (see also Acts 24:14ff).  Granted, there are many opinions about what the Bible actually teaches, however, most often that is used as a way of escape from following what it plainly teaches.  I think that the real problem most have with the Bible is not so much that they do not understand it, but that they are reluctant to follow something it teaches that they do not yet accept.


Following the Bible’s plain teaching does not mean that we lose our individuality or our freedom (see my “To Be FREE” poem).  God does give us much freedom (even what America’s founders called natural law or “inalienable rights”).  I will also address these concepts in my #8 of the Top Ten Lessons (tabbed above).  We are a diverse people, yet there can and should be a unity, even on various levels.  Personally, I DO WANT MY WAY and I want to convince you of my way, yet only in as much as it corresponds with The Way, as revealed in God’s book, the Bible.


Regardless of what you may think there, you should consider the EXCLUSIVE and quite INCREDIBLE statement by JESUS CHRIST (illustrating how wicked and arrogant He would be if it were not actually true).  Jesus said, as recorded in John 14:6:


“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”


I am standing on The Way as revealed in The Word, and have been doing so most of my life at incredible personal cost and tragedy (especially since 04-16-07).  What way will you follow, dear friend?  This way of Jesus is also Truth and abundant Life because it brings healing to the spirit and the whole person!  You simply cannot find a better way—search and see if you doubt me.

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