Holocaust Horror and Religious Understanding

By now, you may have heard the news coming today that there was another shooting—this time at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.  Being a relatively slow news day and given the location of this shooting, much attention is and will be given to this event.  Initial reports indicate there may be some religious motivation, just as was recently true in the shooting of the infamous abortion doctor in Kansas and at the Army Recruitment Center in Arkansas.  I will take this opportunity today to comment further about all of this, tie it to the horrific tragedy that happened at Virginia Tech and the many other modern day shootings, and even speak about the horror of the Holocaust itself that comes to attention in this….


Whether we like it or not, we must acknowledge that every random or even planned shooting has religious implications.  In fact, when you think about it, every war and mass killing that has occurred in our world is related to religious thinking.  This is true for today’s event and most certainly for the horrific history of the Holocaust.  Religion has a part in each because of who we are as human beings, because of the unseen things that do take place on a spiritual level and because of where history is headed.  Practically, it is important to properly consider all of this so that reaction and fear does not lead to limitations on the freedom of speech, the right to bear arms and even the freedom of faith or religion itself.


My personal story indicates the dangers of reactionary thinking and lack of proper religious understanding.  My life has been directly and forever changed due to the horrible shootings at Virginia Tech.  Reaction in this community, the fear and improper understanding of religion in the mental health community and problems within my own religious community have led to an isolationist and even anti-religious mentality with some that has separated me from many friends and even to date from my own family.  This article and every thing I am writing on this website is coming from my own religious understanding and what I am learning through my own tragic experience.  My upcoming book will reveal more detail and further explain important lessons we all must learn and be reminded of so that we can truly prevail in life and help prevent further tragedies and even shootings, such as the one occurring today.


Jewish people have the unique heritage of being God’s chosen people.  If you hope to understand religious thinking and even how it all relates to these shootings and the constant wars in the world, you need to understand the history and even the future of the Jews.  The Bible (in particular the Old Testament) gives us this understanding.  When you come to learn about the promised hope for Jewish people yet to be realized and even the historic hatred of Jewish people because of their special relationship to the LORD, you will begin to realize why the horrors of the Holocaust occurred.  You will even come to understand where history is headed and why there will be even greater horrors that occur in a coming Tribulation time to bring the Jewish people to their special place of promised blessing.


You are welcome to contact me further for more information there or even see what I am learning through my own personal tragedy in all I am writing on this Website.  This is yet another opportunity for ALL people to reflect and consider their own relationship to God.  The LORD does not want us to take justice into our own hands, but does want us to understand that He will judge everything and everyone in righteousness and we had best be sure we are on His side and walking according to His Word.  Jesus Christ made our relationship with God possible and He will soon come again to judge the world and bring things into the place of peace and harmony that God has intended.

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