One thing that has become explicitly clear to me through my ongoing tragedy is the disconnect that exists in our society.  There was a disconnect in place that allowed for the 04-16-07 Tragedy.  Following this, the personal disconnect that I have experienced from friends and family has helped me better understand the disconnect that exists throughout our society on so many levels.  Many are personally disconnected from the whole person they are created to be.  This disconnect is illustrated through relationships and in various organizations.  I see a disconnect in many homes between spouses; it is often seen between parents and children.  The disconnect is seen in neighborhoods; it is reflected in the relationship between employers and employees.  It exists in our court and mental health systems.  It is evident in the government as well and many more are realizing this.  When is the last time you believe a political leader was really representing your interests?  It even exists in the churches between leaders and laity.  In order to learn to truly prevail through any tragedy and prevent future tragedy and even collapse, we must CONNECT the disconnect.


What we are missing is not only communication or service; we are missing a unity of goals and purpose.  People have so many different ideas and interests.  There is so much variety in life and so many different people with a myriad of perspectives.  Certainly, mankind has come to a better point of understanding the human condition and the equality of human life, yet prejudice and infighting continues.  This illustrates the problem.  We are focused on self-interest.  We look to promote our own understanding and way of thinking.  When we strongly push our own way, then others either accept it and follow or deny it and fight (you may wish to review my 03-27-09 Blog, “I Did It “My Way”).  When someone is a very good communicator and good at delivering their message, then people will follow them even when they may not fully agree and even if they are not right.  The question is then whether there will actually be a unity of goals and purpose.


Most people desire unity.  Unity improves relationships.  It allows more to be accomplished.  Two people working together will do more than one can alone.   In fact, the more people are unified, the more power and influence they will have.  If we could learn to love and serve others as much as we love and comfort ourselves, just think of what we could accomplish!  As it is, people are often distracted with their own self interest and way of thinking.  Our world suffers from THE original disconnect.


The solution is for each of us individually to stop “dis-ing” one another and be certain we ourselves are personally connected.  The problem is that we are born with an internal defect.  It is a virus of sorts.  We were born separated from God, not merely physically, but spiritually.  Mankind is born with a nature that wants its own way.  Often, especially as society allows, the way people go is further and further from their Creator and His revealed way.  Our problem is at the root spiritual.  We do not simply need to pursue spiritual things, though; we need spiritual healing.  God has made this possible.  He entered His Creation as a man and gave His life so that we could be healed and whole.  Consider 1 Peter 2:24 (the context is also revealing):


“[Christ] who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness–by whose stripes you were healed.”


If you do not accept Jesus as your substitute you will remain separated from God.  In as much as you wander from the plan and purposes of The Creator as revealed in His inspired Word, to that extent you will remain disconnected.  Learn to CONNECT or you will be DISconnected!

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