TRUTH and Consequences

In the sea of information today, TRUTH is often lost in the mix.  Boats of opinions can be found everywhere and are even more numerous than the people who build them.  It is easy to find yourself in the various boats of opinion being tossed about with waves of information.  Consequences come from riding in the boats and also from standing on the TRUTH.  What will you do?  Will you seek the safety of riding in the boats of opinion or be willing to suffer the consequences of standing on the TRUTH?  Your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are at stake and even more importantly, your eternal reward.


Truth is what is actual; it is verifiable fact.  Truth is not changed by feeling, though feeling comes with truth.  Truth is real; it is not imagination or simply some idea of what may be (See my related 05-10-08 Blog: “Reality and Imagination…”).  Opinions are different.  They are views or beliefs held only in the mind.  Opinions are not verifiably true or else they would be called reality or facts.  Interpretation of facts is yet another subject, which I have addressed before (See my 09-03-08 Blog, “INTERPRETATION”).


We all, at least to some extent, live by sight.  We live by the cause and effect relationship we know to be true.  If you do not eat, you will eventually grow weak and die.  If you walk out into a busy street, you will likely be hit and injured.  If you work at a job, the job will not get done unless you do the work.  If you are reading this article now, your mind is attempting to relate what I am saying to what you have come to understand as truth.  Reality is that simple.


It is what we cannot readily see that more easily confuses us.  You do not see the inner workings of your body, unless observing through some medical test.  In fact, if you have a pain or problem with some part of your body, it may concern you to the point that you end up spending money to treat the problem or have medical tests done to find out more.  You cannot see what other people are thinking, so you have to go on what they tell you or what you observe from their behavior.  You also cannot completely control what other people around you do, just as is illustrated again today with news of the tragic shootings in the fitness center near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  There are usually clues to help you know what can or will happen, understood by those willing to investigate.


The fact is that what you can see and what you cannot see both have consequences.  There are physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences to everything.  There is a physical truth to what you observe, which you likely refer to as reality.  There is an emotional truth, which cannot be seen, yet is just as real in your experience.  There is a spiritual truth, which is also unseen, yet is just as real and illustrated through our experiences.


Friend, we do have an objective, unchanging source to reveal the particulars of the spiritual truth.  It is God’s Word—the Bible.  Its Truth has been verified through history and the experiences of millions of people worldwide.  The Bible tells us how to live and how to enjoy life.  It explains the internal problem that every human being has and helps us know the solution provided in the historical Person of Jesus Christ.  Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6).


Please pay attention to the spiritual reality and learn about the ONE Who is THE TRUTH!  Search this website or contact me further with any questions.  The consequences for you are immediate and eternal.

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