“BEYOND Belief”

I often marvel at the blindness and even foolishness of so many highly educated and intellectual people.  In the news today, I heard of a new hope that many scientists have “to help us establish contact in ten years with the unknown.”  The primary spokesman for SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence), Dr. Seth Shostak, spoke of his work with the ATA (Allen Telescope Array) located in northern California.  Dr. Shostak is the senior Astronomer for SETI and a popular speaker in our society and on our college and university campuses.  He is a well educated, self professing skeptic who runs a radio show and has even authored a serious, yet humorous book on his search for alien life.  He said that in the end this is all basically “a numbers game.”  He noted that we now know of around a trillion planets in our galaxy and over a hundred billion other galaxies.  He mused, “If this is the only planet where anything interesting is happening, then you’ve got to say, ‘we’re special beyond imagining.’  That would be a real miracle.”  In today’s blog, I will speak to this subject and what so many understand as “BEYOND Belief.”


In a culture that does not like to retain GOD in their knowledge (see Romans 1:28ff), there is a hope and often even a more desperate search to find alien life.  Just ask a man like Carl Sagan about that.  You may also wish to review my 07-23-09 Blog, “SPACED OUT!”  Hollywood is fascinated with this subject of alien life and regularly explores this idea, even as noted through the current popular movie, District 9.  Alien intelligence seems reasonable to most people, yet most are blinded from even seeing the evidence all around them.  People search for something greater than their self and yet miss the fact that their Creator is actually longing for their attention.  They fail to fully consider the historical Person of Jesus Christ.  Many today are also confused or even deluded by the spectrum of religious options.  Often, people become skeptical of all faith or agnostic in their thinking. It is simply, “beyond belief.”  Practically, even those espousing some kind of faith live as Deists (c.f. my 01-13-09 Blog, “THEISM, A-theism and Deism”).  They often put more faith into this belief of finding some alien life in the great beyond.


Dear friend, GOD is not far from any one of us (see Acts 17:27).  HE has revealed Himself in the Creation that can be observed all around you.  We can learn so much from the plant and animal life that surrounds us.  You will be awed if you simply take more time to study the detailed workings within your own body.  GOD also confined Himself to a Body and even allowed the pinnacle of His attention in Creation to mock, bind, beat and crucify Himself.  The “real miracle” that people so often miss is that Jesus Christ became the substitutionary sacrifice for the penalty of your own sin against GOD.  HE did not die and then rise again for any other race of beings because there is no race of people other than the human race.  The angels are individually created beings.  The Scriptures clearly teach this and they are certainly not beyond believing.  It takes much more faith to believe in the many other ideas out there or that some alien life has or is yet evolving in the great observable regions beyond.


Not believing in the Biblical and historical Person of Jesus Christ is the ultimate tragedy, for it has not only temporal, but more importantly, eternal consequences.  You may want to even review my 04-12-09 Blog, “The Tragedy of NOT Believing.” Friend, there is a hell, just as sure as there is a heaven.  Jesus spoke more about the reality of hell than has any other religious leader.   Please contact me further if you want to know more about my own testimony of faith or wait for the documentation in the soon coming book detailing what is “beyond belief” for many.

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