DEATH is the great equalizer.  No matter how intelligent or wealthy or powerful you may be, the time will come when you will have to face death.  We do not like to even talk about death because it is the end of life.  Where there is death, there is no movement; there is no life.  Death is separation from life.  The great reality is that some day we all will die.  The fact is that death is happening all around us every day.  I saw the evidence of it as I drove home yesterday, noting a long funeral procession.  By now, you have also likely heard that the influential and well known politician, Ted Kennedy has died (incidentally, exactly two months from a couple of other famous deaths I noted in my June 25, 2009 Blog).  In addition, the news came yesterday of another two deaths in this Virginia Tech community.  According to police, two Virginia Tech students were brutally murdered in an area of the Jefferson National Forest, not far from the campus.  We all would do well to pause and further consider death.  Just as importantly, we must further consider the life we are now living.  Failing to properly do so is nothing more than a DEATH Wish.


Do you wish to die?  Tragically, some do, though this is not normal.  Inherent within us is the desire to live.  Unfortunately, many fail to seriously think about the life they are living and are thus ill prepared for dying.  What, if anything, comes after death?  Does what we do in our life now have any impact on what we will face after death?  Most certainly, there is life after death.  We intuitively know this in the inner workings of our mind and soul.  The soul and spirit live on after the separation (death) from the body.  The Bible teaches this and even warns us to be certain that we are living our life so that we are prepared for what comes after death.


I do not wish for anyone to die, despite that false accusation leveled and even wrongly used against me in Court earlier this year.  I want people to learn the lessons of life so that they can better live now and most certainly be prepared for the life hereafter.  Everything I am writing on this website and in my upcoming book is about this.  My personal tragedy is also about helping people see how to live life and be prepared for death.  The deaths of 33 (See my Poem, tabbed above: “Learn to Prevail—32 to 33”) helped bring about my own tragedy, though the life of One has helped me prevail, despite all that I have or yet will face.


Friend, you cannot escape death and you cannot escape the realities of life.  As long as sin remains in this world, life will be full of troubles.  Tragically, my younger brother took the ultimate escape (see the “Battle of the Mind” tab above).  When you do not learn all the spiritual truths about life, you will seek various ways to escape from your troubles.  When you come to personally know the Creator of life, you can have a more abundant life than you ever imagined!  The devil is deceiving most today (even many professing Christians) into thinking that “a good time” is found simply in some human relationship, in a bar, over a beer, on “some beach” or in some abandonment to their sexual desires.  Please do not be deluded by his lies; Jesus said the devil is the father of them (John 8:44ff).


There is a death (separation) coming which is far worse than physical death.  It is called the second death (Revelation 20:6ff).  Only The Creator—Jesus Christ, Who became our Savior—has conquered death through His Bodily Resurrection.  He will one day finally conquer death with all its power (see 1 Corinthians 15:26ff).  Jesus Christ can save you from the power of death today.  He wants to give you His eternal life.  Apart from Him, your life is nothing more than a DEATH Wish.

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