Be Still

In a world that seems to be spinning faster and faster, it is even more important that you put forth a regular effort to Be Still.  It is so easy to get caught up in the many circles of activity in life.  It is part of how GOD has enabled us to survive and what makes us all adaptable to the changes around us.  Change is unavoidable, and can even keep you so busy that you fail to Be Still and think.  When facing a tragedy, such as 09-11-01 or 04-16-07, you will be tested to your core.  You will be forced to initially respond, though as time moves forward you will have at least moments of reflection and less activity.  Facing some natural disaster, such as those recent tornadoes whirling through Arkansas, the flooding rains pummeling Tennessee, or even the environmental effects of the oil rig explosion and spill in the Gulf of Mexico, can actually make it harder to Be Still.  Tragedy and disaster forces us to respond to the changing conditions around us.  So, how is it possible to Be Still and what does this really mean?


For us human beings, just as death does not mean a cessation of life, so being still does not mean a cessation of activity.  We are multidimensional beings—made up of the material and the immaterial.  This understanding is essential to learn what I am saying here and what it really means to Be Still.  Certainly, there are times each day where we are forced to be still physically.  The body simply cannot sustain a perpetual time of activity.  We are created to need times of sleep for recharging and further activity.  Physical stillness is important and is a necessary aspect of training children, as well as any training for personal discipline.  The more important stillness however, involves that inner, spiritual stillness that by means of how we are made, necessarily impacts the physical.


Psalm 46:10 is perhaps the most familiar verse of Scripture addressing this:


Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”


The idea in this entire Psalm is that no matter what one is facing—be it natural disasters or man-made trouble and wars—that the LORD GOD will be with those who are trusting Him.  The thing we must do is to Be Still—to relax and simply trust Him.  This means being still in our spirit.  It does not mean that we cease to think or are necessarily physically inactive.  We simply need to stop trying to resist or fight against GOD, Who is the Greatest Power.  We can choose to exalt Him as GOD in our lives now, or we will find ourselves doing so with certain eternal consequence in the future.


When you stop depending upon yourself or upon others (we all are fallen and fallible human beings) you will then be free to depend upon GOD and cease from any anxiety.  Life may be filled with trouble and even tears, but you can Be Still internally in your spirit and properly face whatever happens.  You can know the Joy that comes from personally walking with your Creator.  When you are still in your spirit, you will be acknowledging GOD no matter how busy in physical activity you may be.  In fact, it will also keep you from becoming too busy.


To acknowledge GOD is to accept Him as the Creator and first trust in what He—in the Person of Jesus Christ—did to make forgiveness possible.  It is then choosing to trust Him in your daily life and know that He promises to be with you and work all things (good and bad) together for your ultimate good and His Glory.  This is how I have survived through all of my personal tragedy and even thrived, as illustrated in my book.  Please learn to Be Still!

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