Pass the Buck?!

It is a shame that so often we are more interested in the “BUCK” than in the blessing that comes from living for GOD on this uniquely privileged planet in this vast and incredible Universe, created and sustained by our Awesome LORD Jesus Christ.  Sadly, a tragedy and travesty of living that most of us experience many times in our lives is in serving money, rather than really serving the Master (check out Luke 16:13).  It is precisely because I have not had many “bucks” (at least humanly speaking), that I have been so victimized in various aspects of our society and that my personal tragedy has continued.  I just received word of yet another legal example of this and my experiences over the past few days have led me to this particular theme in writing today—Please consider the role you should have as it relates to “passing the buck”!


While I could discuss the problems with succumbing to materialism, this is actually not my primary focus here.  No doubt, we all must regularly review our financial exchanges to ensure we are being the good stewards GOD requires of us; however, I am thinking of a deeper issue here.  Actually, it is our pocketbooks that often best reveal our priorities.  What might you see in your stewardship there?  Biblically speaking, we each will give an account to GOD for what we do in life, though this involves far more than how we spend our money.  Could it be that you are passing the buck on your responsibility there or might it be that you are using all that GOD has given you to pass your bucks to help others?


Do you understand what I am saying here?  When it comes to money, you will either use your money to help people or you will use people to help you gain more money.  The real issues are deeper than the exchanges of money.  The fact is that we have an obligation to always be helping others with all that GOD has given us.  This includes our time, our talents and any tokens we collect.  Is that the attitude that you have or could it be that you have fallen under the spell of materialism and perhaps even hedonism?  Life is about far more than personal pleasure and gain.  It is our “right” to pursue happiness, but reality shows us (and the Bible teaches us) that joy is far greater than mere moments of happiness and it comes with eternal pleasures (Psalm 16:11).


So far as my personal tragedy, inextricably linked to the atmosphere in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech tragedy, it is precisely this “not my business” (see my 06-16-09 Blog, “Mind Your Own Business!”) or “passing the buck” philosophy that has kept me separated from my family, perpetuating and even compounding the tragedy in my life.  I have found this to be a problem within the medical community, the legal community and more sadly, even in the religious community.  It is not without greater purpose, for GOD continues to teach me so much and I now have a book published (see the link on this website) to help share my story and what I have been learning.  Personally, I am even selling this 416 page book (not planned to be that length 😉 ) “for $16” (far less than the retail value) to help people remember the world changing event that happened on 04-16-07 and come to see what I understand that we all need to be learning.


Next to loving GOD above all, it is loving and serving others that GOD requires (2 of my “Top Ten Lessons To Learn”).  This means we must fight against the natural selfish tendency to “pass the buck” of responsibility to others and instead step up to proper action—helping others become prosperous.  This may seem out of touch with society or perhaps even radical, but it is right and it will revolutionize your entire life.  More people doing this for Seung-Hui Cho would have even thwarted the VT Tragedy.


So, keep passing the buck and watch the tragedies around us continue and compound or instead learn to pass your bucks (and time and talents) to help others prosper.

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