Thinking HOW?

In today’s Blog article, I want to go back to one of the earlier themes I started when I first set up this Website. First, I was “Thinking Why?” (05-20-08), then I was “Thinking What?” (05-23-08); now, over two years later, I am “Thinking HOW?” How did our world get to where it is today? How do the things in my life fit into the bigger picture? How can we each play a part in turning things around and helping to avoid future tragedies? Today, I’m “Thinking How?”


Each of us thinks “How?” many times every day—sometimes with more energy or emotion than at other times: “How can I make it through another day?” “How will my plans turn out today?” “How am I going to be able to accomplish this goal?” Sometimes, it is less conscious than at other times: “How am I going to take a shower?” “How am I going to brush my teeth?” “How am I going to prepare this food to eat?” or even, “How am I going to drive this car?” (unless your car is struggling 😉 ). At other times, there is a conscious search for an actual way that will work to accomplish the desired goal: “How am I going to learn this material to be prepared for the test?” “How can this broken appliance or tool be fixed?” “How will it be possible to stop the continual flow of oil and gas spewing up from that ruptured pipe to the pressurized well a mile deep down on the ocean floor?!” Regardless of what task or activity you are talking about, there is always a “How?” to consider!


This brings me to a very clear point that we each much be honest to daily acknowledge: There are actual ways how things work and ways how they do not work. In fact, often “thinking how?” becomes a process of eliminating the ways that do not work. This is the reality that we live in and should not fight against. That is not to say that we should stop striving to find ways for things to work better. There are often many ways of how you can accomplish certain tasks, yet the various ways always lead to a more certain goal and less variable end. Different people do learn and do things in different ways. For example, there are different orders to setting up equipment, yet all has to be set up or even powered on and working properly so that all is in place for the activity or event to happen. How you get to the goal does matter, though, for some ways simply do not work and some ways even take you down a path that will waste time and energy or even cause other problems.


Spiritually, the same principles apply. There are many paths that we each are on. We are individual people with different backgrounds and different abilities, talents and gifts. We each are at various stages in understanding and experiencing life and building the skills for how things work to accomplish particular jobs. GOD was involved in your genetic makeup and HE has been involved in every step of your life. HE has allowed all things to be for HIS greater purposes. HE wants you to choose to acknowledge HIM in all of your ways. Consider the great Truth of Proverbs 3:5-6:

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.”


Friend, this is HOW all of your life will work better. It is what each of us needs most and what the Founders of America understood better than many do today. It is essentially the first lesson in what I list on this Website (see the “Top Ten Lessons” tabbed above) and detail more in my book, along with the other 9 that flow from it. We must learn HOW to first acknowledge and FEAR GOD in every decision we make, every job we work and every task we pursue. For us today, that begins by acknowledging GOD the Son—JESUS CHRIST—and how HE has accomplished the way for you to be at peace with GOD and even comforted by the GOD of peace. Read further on this website or get a copy of my book to learn more of HOW you can make it through any trial or tragedy and even learn to prevail!

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