THAT’S NOT FAIR! How often have you heard that from a sibling, a friend or co-worker, or maybe even used this expression yourself? It is a common expression of complaint in a world with increasing problems and one that is certainly not equal. The word, “fair” is used in various ways. As I have found, the first definitions listed have to do with the pleasantness or quality of something. “Fair” is used this way, yet I seem to hear it more and more used as an expression of when someone wants their situation to be better or more in line with what they perceive others are experiencing or ideally should be. One definition listed for “fair” is “marked by impartiality and honesty.” I submit that the way “fair” is so often used today reflects a lack of understanding of life and what GOD has allowed in His Creation.


Actually, there is a fairly 😉 intense debate going on in our fair society (?) about how people are faring or should have to pay fares. Indeed, this is a very important concept to get right and clear in our thinking! A Country’s system of government is also based on the way its’ leaders view this concept of “fairness.” If you believe that all people should have the same things and be basically equal in possessions, then you would lean toward a more socialist or even communist type of system and government. If you believe that each person has the responsibility to be personally disciplined and work hard in order to be rewarded for individual effort and success, then you are more of a capitalist. Your view of the role of government is also related to your view of what is right and fair. Your beliefs here have serious repercussions on the way you think others should or should not control your life. These are very important issues and must be thought through more than many seem to be doing today! It, as in everything, actually has a theological underpinning or foundation.


What is right? What is fair? What standard do you go to? Is it the ever changing opinion of people around the world? Is it the opinions of well educated and intelligent people who seem to know what is best? Is it a written document, such as the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution? Is it a written spiritual document, such as the Bible? Are we or are we not “endowed by [our] Creator with certain unalienable rights”? Can you see how important this fairness issue is to life and living?


If by fairness, you mean equality in possessions and even payment, then you have a problem, for this is not a reality, nor can it be. If your view of fairness is more of a belief in the equal value of human life and having conditions that allow for equal opportunity, then you are more in line with the thinking of America’s founding fathers and what the Bible itself teaches. The world as we know it cannot be equal. Children are born each day and all of us grow older and are closer to death each moment. Each of us is at a different place in our life and understanding of living. Some of us are more disciplined and work harder than others and some of us are less disciplined, depending on others or even the government to help. It is possible and preferable to have a system allowing for equal opportunity, but not one that strives for equality in every sense!


What has been happening in my life, even through a District Court Judgment this past Thursday is certainly not fair and not just. It is part of what GOD has allowed for me, so that I can write these things and help many others understand the truth that I know and that they need to know. GOD is indeed just; HE is the only One that knows what is truly fair and HE will one day make all things right and fair in the ultimate sense. We each will give a personal account of our life to HIM and we’d best consider what that means for us and those around us! Be truly Fair!

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