I O U and U O Me

There is a lot of discussion today about how much debt so many are in, including the Government. Debt is not only with those who borrow money to go to a college, such as Virginia Tech, or those who borrow to get a car or to buy a house. It should be very troubling to each of us that even if we are not personally in debt, that the Government is spending so much money and is in so much debt that each person—you and me included—represents tens of thousands of dollars! Officials in California (with potentially more States following) have even resorted to issuing I O U’s at times to cover their commitments. This debt and spending issue alone is likely to lead to huge changes in the political landscape this fall. When and where will this end? What or rather who might you owe? Please think with me further. . .


I O U, or for those not as comfortable with texting or acronyms, I owe you! How is that possible? I may not even know you personally. It is not even because you may have done something for me. The reality is that I have an outstanding debt that can never be fully paid, and if you understand the truth in what I am saying, you will see that you owe me as well. Does this sound crazy to you? The Spiritual Truth I am talking about, which can only be lived out in the physical and emotional realms, is explicitly stated in Romans 13:8:

“Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.”


You owe me and I owe you. We owe it to each other and to the LORD to love one another (the 5th in my “Top Ten Lessons” to learn that I talk about in my book and on this website). This means we will look out for what is best for all those around us (c.f. my 06-16-09 “Mind Your Own Business!” Blog). This is so basic and foundational to all human interactions that JESUS Himself said (see Mark 12:31) it is the most important human commandment of all (next to the most important—loving GOD above all). How could this possibly be? Why is this even a debt that I owe?


If you get the answers to these questions, you will be able to fulfill this command and the law itself. GOD HIMSELF extended HIS Love to us in the Person of JESUS CHRIST. When you find this Love or when HE finds you (c.f. my “LOVE Found Me” poem), you will then have access to The Infinite Love that can be extended to all those around you. This is still a choice you must make. It runs counter to all of the self-centered thinking around you and even to your own sinful nature. Since JESUS gave the Ultimate (His Holy Life and Infinite blood), we can and should give our life and self (through His Love) to others.


This is not really hard to understand, it is primarily hard to practice. It goes against our nature. We must keep it in mind that we have this debt. We must remember the debt that HE paid to offer us Eternal Life. I owe you, even if you do not see the debt that you owe me. You owe me, too, and if you grasp this Truth, we should meet each other in the middle. I am helping pay off my debt to you by sharing this Truth with you and the Good News about JESUS CHRIST! You must accept the Gospel—HIS death, burial and resurrection for your sins—if you hope to fully understand what I am saying.

I owe you and you owe me; when you understand this, then you will see and loving you will be!

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