The Gift of LIFE

CHRISTmas day…the day that billions around the world acknowledge and many specially remember as the day that Emmanuel (Matthew 1:23) was born into this world. While it is unlikely that December 25th is the actual birth day of Jesus Christ, it is quite possible that this is the time, if not the very day, HE would have been conceived of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 1:20). Whether or not one falls into the traps of materialism at this time of year, deifying some character such as Saint Nicholas, or possibly even sees this day too far gone or unholy in aspects of its origin, we each need to remember that there indeed was a turning point in history when Jesus Christ was born. The way we measure time (such as 2010 in this year) surrounds that monumental event of the CHRIST being born as a man into the world. HE came to redeem what was lost in the Creation. HE came to give—to give the Gift of LIFE.

Life is an amazing thing to consider! Life is contrasted with death and nothingness. Life is what gives meaning and brings movement. Life enables us to consciously exist and make choices. We exist in the midst of an incredible Creation, though found subject to bondage, and are ourselves found marred as fallen mankind. We, as is the Creation, are in need of salvation—being delivered from this bondage (see Romans 7:24; 8:20). We are born physically alive, but spiritually dead or separated from the Creator, due to our fallen nature. We are unable to deliver ourselves from our fallen nature and are in need of help. We need the Gift of LIFE!

Tragedy and troubles help you understand your need of LIFE. When you see the degree that we, as human beings, can stoop to in self centered living and attacking or taking things from others, you realize something is wrong. When you disappoint yourself and fail to live as you should, you realize there is an internal problem. When you find yourself feeling isolated and alone, maybe even thinking that nobody cares for you or that GOD has forgotten you, remember that GOD cares so much that HE became flesh in the Person of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost (Luke 19:10). HE came into this world and few living then even recognized Him for Who HE Is (John 1:10-11). HE came to give LIFE to those who would receive it (John 1:12). HE does not force LIFE on anyone, but does make it possible upon faith in Who HE Is and what HE has done. HE was crucified by man and only guilty of loving. HE rose from the dead, living again in the flesh and is soon coming back to earth.

Please specially consider this spiritual LIFE that only the Creator can give. Many in society today are lost and even spiritually dead, not considering LIFE as they should. The way in which we are devaluing life from the womb to the grave reveals this problem. Our institutions of higher learning do much good in research and discovery, yet often philosophically exalt their own life and collective academic thinking above the Creator. That is the very problem that led to the first sin in the Universe with Lucifer, the Anointed Cherub (Isaiah 14:12-14; Ezekiel 28:12-14). Evolutionary thinking is the underpinning for such a devaluation of life and runs counter to the reality of order and design that we see from the immensity in the far reaches of the universe to the infinitesimal building blocks of life that we study today. Life is highly ordered and designed in every aspect and should be considered precious from the moment of conception to the time it naturally ceases. So long as we are living, we should be giving and imparting LIFE to any who are in need. When you have the spiritual LIFE from the Creator on the inside, you are then empowered to better give and to help people come to the LIGHT who gave His Life and gives LIFE to all who come to Him in faith.

So, on CHRISTmas day or really on every day, please consider the real meaning of CHRISTmas and of living. It is to acknowledge that LIFE that entered the Creation in the fullness of time (Galatians 4:4) and to let His LIFE be born in you. This LIFE can be born in your heart and will enable you to be in the Spirit of CHRISTmas all year long. Come to and learn to better share this Gift of LIFE!

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