Human Profiling

Fresh from another Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and from the continuing news coverage of the Tucson Tragedy, I’ve been thinking about the subject of human profiling. This is a very important subject to consider! In an age when terrorism is more of a realized threat, it carries even more weight. Just ask the airlines about profiling people. 😉 Whether you consider the issue of “race” or the type of person that would go on a shooting spree, like in Tucson and at Virginia Tech or some person who has a religious philosophy seeking to damage things or kill people, you can understand the importance of human profiling. There is yet another way of looking at this, crucial to your prevailing in life and beyond! How do you profile a human?


What are we as human beings anyway? Are we just an accident in the chain of evolutionary development? Perhaps we are just a physical mass of hormones and chemicals, destined only to waiver up and down in the sea of life? These are important philosophical questions to consider and ones that will impact how you daily live your life. Are we, as human beings good, bad or a mix of both? The things that some people do certainly make you wonder! When you really think about it, what person alive is there who hasn’t at some point made a self-seeking decision at the expense of others (even if primarily as a developing child)? There is something in us, as human beings, which is just not right. What I am now doing is human profiling! 😉


In the introduction to my book, I note how that none of us is really “normal” (at least as we were originally Created to be). Certainly, psychology teaches us what typical human behavior looks like, yet there is something in us that makes us unpredictable and sometimes even evil. Do you believe there is such a thing as evil? If not, you have an even bigger problem to solve! Most would say that to coldly take a gun and just end the innocent life of another, such as 9 year old Christina Green, indicates a heart and mind that is simply evil and deranged. This person would certainly be in need of some special mental treatment or psychotropic drugs—something that would change their frame of mind! Isn’t that how it goes? Hasn’t this been the conclusion of many in the aftermath of this most recent, tragic shooting? Do we now have a better human profile of what a killer looks like? Is it someone who hates another or seeks to get revenge against some perceived wrong or unfair circumstance? What person alive has not held hate in their heart at some point or sought to get even against someone or some thing? Do you have a sense of something deeply wrong in your own heart and soul? If not, you are deceiving yourself.


The Bible and reality teaches us that we are not products of evolutionary time and chance. Life and personality, among many other things, makes no sense from an evolutionary worldview! Scientific law even states that life does not come from non-life. GOD created this universe and HE made man in HIS image, including a moral component. The book of Genesis also explains how man chose to disobey GOD and thus was forever impacted in his human nature. We are fallen, fallible human beings. That is true for any of us, cultured or not; true for those civilized or simply living in some isolated tribal region. This is GOD’s authoritative human profile!


In addition, the Bible teaches, as did the Founders of this United States of America, that all men are created equal and good, but all are also equally fallen. Biblically, there is no room for any “racism,” since we are all part of the human race (e.g. Acts 17:26). However, all of us do not have the same opportunities and advantages, nor do we all make the same choices with the circumstances of life that we do face. Victory is possible, when we choose to accept the cure in the Person of the Creator Himself, Jesus Christ. Our fallen nature will then begin to be replaced with a new nature that will survive death. Human profiling is different for one found in Christ!

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