Figured Out!

I know! Oh, I’ve heard that before. Been there, done that! No need to explain that one. I understand; I’ve got that figured out! No, I’m not talking about your shape or how much you weigh (figure out that one! 😉 ). I’m also not talking about some mathematical solution that has been figured out. What am I talking about here? Well, whether you’re a student in college or simply a student in life, you need to come to grasp this: You DO NOT have everything figured out!…


You are not all knowing, despite living in an Information Age where you have so much knowledge right at your fingertips! You do not have the answer to everything. You do not have it all figured out! You may have a lot of knowledge retained in your head, but it wouldn’t take long to reveal things that you do not know—things that you have not yet figured out. Teenagers: beware! Experts: evaluate! You who are in positions of Authority out there: learn to be humble; learn to be a servant leader!


If any of us ever come to the place where we think we have it all figured out, then at that point, we most certainly do not! Do you see the danger? Do you see the lesson I’m talking about here? We often lose perspective, don’t we? We often come to a place where we think we do not have to worry about learning any more, as we have a particular thing figured out! Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying that you can’t depend on some things and work from that foundation. We do know that there are certain laws that work in the world and that GOD sustains to be consistent in our observations. We can build on information we know to be true. We must, however, be very careful to not assume that because we know some things to be true in a particular situation, that we then can know all things about that situation. Most certainly, it is through continued study, often focused on our college and university campuses, that we learn more about the way things work and come to discover new ways to improve our lives and find out more about the forces and elements that GOD has Created. Indeed, it is on, or in conjunction with the campuses, that most medical and technological advances are discovered! We must not have an attitude that portrays that we know everything and have it all figured out. Reality and even increased knowledge, teaches the observant learner that he or she has so much more to discover!


It is this attitude that I am primarily addressing here. It is an attitude that is contrary to Grace. It is an attitude that is not very teachable. It is an attitude that pushes its way and runs over people with whatever authority has been granted. It is an attitude that fails to listen well and is self-focused to its own agenda. It is an attitude that says, “I’ve figured out what this is or what you are about and I don’t need to know anymore or change my view.” It is an attitude of pride and not humility. It runs rampant throughout our society today. Does this attitude describe where you are now?


Friend, please do not be confused here and go the other way and simply wander around as an agnostic. You certainly won’t accomplish much that way! There are things that we can know. There are some things, though, that we can only know by faith. This is GOD’s design for the world we live in today. It is to help us conquer the sin of Pride and thinking we are the answer to all and have it all figured out. It is to help us come to depend on the One Who Created us and desires fellowship with us! GOD has revealed HIMSELF in Creation, in His Covenants (the Bible) and in the Person of Christ. These things are corroborated in history and even from the locations of places you can visit to this day! True faith is not something that runs counter to reason; it does run counter to pride.


GOD has helped me to figure out a lot over the years. Through HIM allowing my personal tragedy of forced isolation and much time alone with only HIM and what HE has revealed, I have figured out a lot! 😉 I also know I have much more to learn! Because of this, I now have a ministry I call Lessons To Learn Ministries. This is why I write and speak and minister as I have opportunity. This is why you are reading this article and I have all that I do on my website. There is SO MUCH MORE needing to be learned and figured out! And, do you know what the goal of it all is? It is to be FIGURED OUT! (Learn more from Genesis 1:27; Romans 8:29; 1 Corinthians 15:49, etc. 😉)

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