Occupy YAH Street!

We are now well into November and there is much discussion about all of the Occupation around the world! There are nations occupying other nations and exercising varying degrees of rule and control. Some even accuse the United States of occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, though the main policy has been to grant democratic freedom to these and other Countries. With unemployment in America and even around the world as high as it is, occupations are on the minds of many people—thinking about the job(s) they can get and will have. There is an Occupy movement that is being promoted around America, focusing on Occupying Wall Street to see some change in the way business is operated. Students and young people on our college campuses have helped fuel many of these protests, though they are often ignorant of the deeper agenda of this movement. Rather than dealing with the political ramifications of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, I want to take this writing opportunity to address a more important Truth than any truth proclaimed by those connected to these Occupy protests. What is needed more than any push or protest movement on Wall Street or any Main Street is for each of us to seek to Occupy YAH Street!


Many today are more aware that the personal shortened name for GOD is YAH (c.f. Psalm 68:4). What is known as the Hebrew Tetragrammaton—YHWH—is what represents HIS Name, which with the changes of English pronunciation of the Y (to J) and W (to V), has often been translated into English as JeHoVaH. Due to the Holiness and great Reverence for HIS Name, most Hebrew people would not even pronounce it, thus the vowels between the 4 consonants (YHWH) were not certain. Most today agree that YAHWEH is the correct pronunciation for the personal Name of GOD. At the risk of some using slang or being irreverent, think of what people should actually be doing and emphasizing in any proclamation or protest against authority or business. It should not be to promote your own way or street or simply protest Wall Street, it should instead be to promote YAH Street!


So, what am I getting to here? Well, to use an idiomatic expression, I am attempting to “get down to where the rubber meets the road” or street. 😉 What takes place in the daily interactions of human beings around the world is what you might say is happening on the streets (some view this as Main Street as opposed to Wall Street). The question there is, “What are you really like in your daily living?” Are you focused on your own will and way or are you controlled by another? It is all about Control (see my earlier 05-01-08 Blog: “It is ALL about CONTROL!”, which is also in my book). Are you in control of your life or is another person; are you yielded to some spiritual force (aware of it or not) or are you knowingly yielded to the Creator—YAH? Wouldn’t it make sense and be logical that you get your advice and direction for living from your Creator—YAH—and not from men or any protesting Wall Street or Occupying some other area? In this light, would it not be better to Occupy YAH Street than any other place?


Of course, I am speaking spiritually here. We know that we are living in these physical bodies. We know that we are occupying the space where we live and work or lounge or whatever we do. It is not appropriate or what HE wants for us to be so focused on spirituality that we fail to live it out in this physical world. It is not appropriate or right to sit back and fail in our daily responsibilities, and simply wait for Jesus Christ to return and straighten out the mess man has made in the world. Jesus Himself (YAH in the flesh 😉) taught us to “Occupy til I come” (c.f. Luke 19:13). He wants us to come to know HIM and use our talents and abilities for HIS Glory! He did not mean for us to resort to living against rules and laws as many in these occupy protests are doing. He did mean for us to be involved in our communities and to be responsible in all that we do and to yield to HIS way in our attitude and actions. Our Creator intends for us to Occupy YAH Street in this world!

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