Get The Point?!

Have you heard about the recent exchange between Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer and President Obama? Maybe you have seen the picture of her finger pointing up toward the face of Obama? I have even read her personal letter and invitation to President Obama when he visited Arizona. Did you get the point?! Rather than deal with the particulars of this encounter on the tarmac in Arizona (there is already much buzz about this among many), I want to play off this and address a deeper issue for all of life—do you Get The Point?!


Have you ever thought much about that expression? Do you get the point?! 😉 Do you like it when people point at you? Do others like it when you point at them? There is something forceful and even sometimes a bit unnerving when people point. Pointing helps get people’s attention (and it may even reveal something you need to be seeing as well [I’ll have to address that another time]). You “getting the point” is when there is a penetration of your personal or conceptualized space (you may also want to review my 11-24-10 blog, “Space: The First Frontier”). Getting the point means that something has come close to you and is now directly impacting you. It may be something physical, but it is certainly mental and emotional. This “get the point” expression certainly is a strong way to get your attention!


From my own personal observations, it seems that many today are living in an ideal world or a false reality. Common sense doesn’t seem to be all that common anymore. Pop culture and technological gadgets and games contribute to a more digitized world that many seem to often be living in. What will it take to help more people get the point? What might it take for you to consider your life in a deeper way and find your true purpose and meaning? Do you get the point of what your life is all about?


If you are living for just yourself, your life is likely filled with trouble and even loneliness. You probably have a few friends who relate to one of your interests and you likely have family that puts up with your narcissism. You may escape into television, movies, games or some other world of interests. There is so much out there today to take your attention! Whether or not you are self-focused (and I trust you will consider the degree to which you may be), you will likely at some point come to think about what the point of life is all about. Do you get that point? The universe does not revolve around you and your quest for fun or search for meaning! If you have come to perceive some sense of the real world and the great expanse in the universe, you have gotten the point or are on the pathway to getting the point.


My life and your life is not very important apart from something outside of ourselves. We each must come to the point for why we are here and seek to find out what our life and this world and universe is all about. It makes absolutely no sense (science also confirming) that all of what we experience (physically, emotionally and mentally) is a product of nothing. Random time and chance working through evolutionary development is no way to adequately explain all that exists! Despite what is promoted through the media and in our academic institutions around the world, a big bang followed by some progressive evolutionary process cannot answer the questions of meaning. This philosophy of life, be it atheism, agnosticism or the practical agnosticism where many are living, does not get to the point!


Your life is given to you by your Creator (Who also Created your parents and all their ancestors). It is not simply yours to do whatever you wish to do. God does give freedom, but not absolute freedom. He retains the right to use you for His Glory and to reflect who HE is to those around you. Do you get the point? Are you placing yourself on the path that allows God to be glorified in everything you do? Are you living for others and helping them consider how to get the point? We are supposed to be glorifying Him in eating and drinking, in working and playing, and in whatever we do (see I Corinthians 10:31)! We are supposed to be loving Him and loving others better than ourselves! Jesus said that this is even the essence of the Ten and actually all of the Commandments (Matthew 22:40)! What will He have to do to get your attention? What will He have to do for all of us to Get The Point?!


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