Always The Same, but different

It is a good thing that some things in life do not change! Some things are more certain. Despite the volatility of life and the lack of trust that you can really count on many others to fully keep their word, we do have a word that is more certain. We do have One we can depend on through any circumstance or storm in life. 😉 Recent record breaking heat followed by fierce storms with tornado force winds blew through several states this past Friday, impacting millions. Many are still without power, including myself, as I write this blog article away from my home. Now, as I am finally getting back to writing, after some interesting and even miraculous events in my own life and the lives of some of my friends, I wish to address in this article this subject that is even related to the 8th in my Top Ten Lessons To Learn (see my website for the list). As we seek to Unify Diversity (my 8th Lesson), we learn that there are some things that are always the same, but different!


There is so much that we all take for granted in life! As a society, there is so much that we are able to do because of a reality we can depend on. There is a predictability that enables science and technology to move forward. Elements and chemicals work in consistent ways. The stars and planets move in predictable patterns. The sun rises (so to speak) and sets consistently every day. We breathe air to live and get nutrients from the foods we eat to sustain our physical life. Our hearts beat to pump the life giving blood throughout our bodies. Though some do have physical difficulties and these naturally come through aging and some slight differences, there are some things that are still consistent and always the same!


In my book (see my website for how you can acquire a copy), I discuss the importance of having a unified field of knowledge through which we can learn and study to grow in knowledge and understanding. I speak of the importance of having this unity, yet still appreciating the diversity and differences that do exist in life. I speak of the true success of the University when this unified field of knowledge is understood. Wouldn’t life be pretty boring, if everything was always the same? How would we then ever learn or grow and change? Because there is a reality that does not change and a CREATOR GOD Who does not change and Who has revealed HIMSELF in a Book that does not change, we can have stable and productive lives. Because this GOD is a Tri-Unity there is diversity, and this diversity is manifest in the variety found throughout Creation.


Friend, evolution (as is often defined simply as change over time) has no unified field of knowledge through which we can really learn. Think about it…if we and all the creation is evolving and changing, then how can we really count on anything to further science and technology? The Universities in America were once more successful when they publicly acknowledged Jesus Christ as the Creator and source of all knowledge and wisdom. Check out the history and founding statements of our most prestigious Ivy League schools to see what they originally emphasized! Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Though HE did something different in taking on human flesh, HE did not change in HIS Nature. HE is the ONE you can always trust and depend upon! Because of HIM, things will always be the same, but different! 😉

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