With the economy taking the focus among many as we draw closer to a very important Presidential election, a looming question comes to mind: Can America still recover? The National debt has soared to historic record levels. Congress has repeatedly raised the debt ceiling, while failing to curtail the spending, so the National debt subject to limit has grown to what is now well over 16 trillion dollars (the total debt is well over 58 trillion)! In order to stay in positions of power, politicians promise perks and privileges that just perpetuate the problems and keep many Americans spoiled and ignorant of the peril that we all face. Many experts have said that we have either gone too far or are at the precipace of falling off a debt cliff, from which we would never recover. Were it not for the fact that most of Europe and the rest of the world is in economic trouble, our status as a Country would already be lowered (beyond the decline in credit rating that has occurred). Dividing the National debt, each U.S. Citizen is currently responsible for at least $186,046.00. Are we on the verge of National bankruptcy? Are more on the verge of personal bankruptcy? Are we bankrupt in any other areas of our lives?


While unemployment figures have remained lower than the highs of recent years, the actual number of persons not working today is much greater. Bankruptcy filings did decline in 2011 and once again consumer confidence is slowly increasing, yet this uncontrolled government spending and lack of living within our means (many individuals living this way as well) will be the death or diminshment of our entire Country, which is bordering on bankruptcy! As I personally am understanding, there are situations where people and businesses must file for some kind of bankruptcy protection. Bankruptcy is not a good thing for anyone, though. It typically reveals poor budgeting and planning and a lack of personal discipline. Most often, economic banruptcy is an end to a long line of personal problems and even spiritual bankruptcy.


Far more important than your economic status is where you are personally and spiritually. In fact, when you get the core spiritual aspect of your life in order, the rest of your life will typically fall into place and keep you far from bankruptcy. When you get your life in tune with GOD through faith in the Person and Work of Jesus Christ, you will certainly avoid the more consequential and eternal spiritual bankruptcy. You will learn to be content in your relationship with HIM and in whatever situation you find yourself in. You will learn to trust HIM to teach you and get you through all the trials of life. You will make better decisions with your money, too, and help avoid that economic bankruptcy that so many have been facing.


Friend, we do not know exactly where our Country is headed. We do not know if politicians will have the will and discipline to pull us back from this out of control government spending and imminent bankruptcy. The way the world is economically tied together so much today, it is not difficult to see how that our falling into bankruptcy would throw the world into an economic depression, much like that which the Bible discusses will be during the Great Tribulation. Things will get worse in that day, but they need not be worse for us today. Our Country does not need to go bankrupt and things do not need to be bankrupt for you personally. Even if you are forced into an economic bankruptcy, please do not let yourself become disqualified (see 1 Corinthians 9:27) and do not be spiritually bankrupt!

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