Wow, with all of the news lately, there is much that could be discussed! The Virginia Supreme Court REVERSED the verdict about the guilt of the Virginia Tech University following the 2007 Shooting Massacre. Whatever your feelings are there, much still does need to be learned to reverse practices that lead to such tragic shootings. My book focuses on these things further! Other news also shows the need for reversals. A bullying scandal has rocked the Miami Dolphins and the entire NFL along with the Sports world. The gun control debate was ignited yet again with the recent shooting at the Los Angeles airport where several were wounded and a TSA agent was killed. Thousands have also just passed into eternity in the Philippines, where a Super Typhoon devastated that island Nation. Since the U.S. debt limit was raised and the partial government shutdown ended (note my last blog article), grave economic fears have waned. Still, there are major concerns over what is directly, negatively affecting millions of Americans and what will have a personal effect on each of us. The debacle with the health care situation and the Federal Government’s website, the Affordable Health Care Act has been consistently dominating the news. What is going on? Where are the answers? We need a reversal here as well!


Whatever your political leanings are, you likely see the need for some kind of reversal here. People in charge of the highly publicized government website have certainly been reversing and perhaps even running! The President has even been reversing on some of his comments and his often repeated promise “if you like your plan you can keep it; if you like your doctor, you can keep them.” With nearly 5 million health care policies already being cancelled, a reversal on this controversial law looks more and more likely. Pride keeps many moving forward, though (just like the embattled and recently embarrassed Toronto Mayor), when humility and some reversal is really needed.


How do you stop something once it has begun? How can you even stop the force of such a large and powerful natural storm like this recent Super Typhoon? Could we reverse a great meteorite barreling toward us at thousands of miles an hour? Some things definitely are hard to stop or reverse! Some things are even impossible for us human beings to reverse or turn around. Can we control the rain or snow that falls? Can we reverse the winds and send them back to where they came from? Mankind does have some ability to predict, but has very limited ability to reverse so many things!


On the other hand, GOD is All POWER-FULL and HE is only limited by HIS Character and HIS Inspired Word! HE is the GREAT CREATOR! HE put all the billions and billions of stars and planets in place and hangs them by HIS forces in space. HE can reverse things that man sets in motion and HE can even reverse HIS actions to Judge, if HE so chooses. If there isn’t a reversal in the direction America and the rest of the world is going, then GOD will finish HIS-Story and bring in the Judgments HE has promised will come. Are you ready? Are you looking for the soon return of Jesus Christ as so many Christians are, or if you are not a professing Christian, are you looking for another great world leader? If there is not a reversal in the direction our world is headed, then the “the winepress of HIS wrath” will become full (Revelation 14:19; 19:15) and there will be no reversal in HIS Judgment then!


So, will the U.S. Government reverse the direction on this health care law? If not, then more embarrassment will likely follow and many things desired will not be able to be accomplished. The Affordable Care Act is not financially sustainable and thus will become increasingly unaffordable and provide less care than Americans are accustomed to receive, thus defying the name of this very law. Time will tell how many reversals may occur or if medicine in America will become more socialized. So far as the direction of this Country as a whole, as well as the direction of much of the world, reversals are needed to keep from incurring more of the Cause and Effect Judgments from GOD. Some things naturally happen due to the fallen world we live in, but Protection in this world and Blessing comes only from The CREATOR and following HIS ways as revealed in HIS Word. As an individual, be certain you reverse (repent) from any contrary direction or be prepared for HIS Judgments!

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