Wow! It has been 8 years since the worst mass shooting in American history and the Life Changing event that rocked Blacksburg, Virginia and sent rumbles of impact into campuses and communities throughout the world! What have we learned? What still needs to be learned? 2014 gives evidence that much still needs to be learned, given the record of at least 40 school related shootings throughout the year! Each school incident, along with every other incident of violence throughout our society, brings specific life changes to all those directly involved and changes our lives as we hear and reflect on whatever is happening. What is it that makes parents abuse and murder their children? What is it that leads a person to stabbing or shooting their fellow human being? What makes someone have so much anger to act out and hurt their self or even take their rage out on others? We need answers! We need a Life Changer!


What will it take to wake you up? What will it take to bring your life to change for the better? Perhaps you do not think you are in need of changing anything in your life? It would appear that most are in this place, for when you ask the average person, they basically consider their self to be a good person. Too often, we look at the life changing events mentioned in the news and think of how bad others are or perhaps how grateful we are that we aren’t like them. All the crime and violence we hear about can also numb us and even bring about a back-door pride that eventually trips us up. We each should be somber about the life tragedies we hear about. We each should pray for those in these horrible situations, that they might have a life change to rescue them from the chains of their old sinful nature!


As Americans, we do have so much, yet we so often neglect to thank the source of our blessings (Consider my “Think To Thank” poem). America needs a change! We need a National repentance and Awakening, starting with a life changing Revival in our churches!! Perhaps GOD will have to send more signs for us to get it? Perhaps HE will just let us, as a society, experience more of the reaping we all have sown? We need to be a more sober minded and humble people! We need to take life more seriously and take more responsibility to help change our families and bring positive change in our communities!! We need to learn to Fear GOD Above All (the number one lesson I talk about here and in my Lessons To Learn book)!!!


04-16-07 was a life changer for many and also for me! The personal tragedy I faced following that horrible tragedy at Virginia Tech taught me much and reminded me of the life changing lessons I had come to learn. What I experienced from family and supposed friends helped me to see how deep of a change we all really need. What I learned from my interaction with the mental health community and our judicial system further showed me the necessity for change. What I went through because of the apathy, complacency and all of the responsibility shifting in the churches, revealed to me the Greatest Need—REVIVAL! We need to be plugged into THE LIFE CHANGER!!


Friend, The RISEN LORD JESUS CHRIST is THE LIFE CHANGER!! HE is The Creator of life and the Life Giver!! HE brings change to whomever comes to HIM and HE gives Eternal Life to all those who believe on HIM!! This LIFE CHANGER said in John 10:28:

“And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand.”


Trusting in JESUS CHRIST is what each of us needs to change our sin stained life! Letting This LIFE CHANGER control you through His Life Giving Spirit and HIS Everlasting Word (The Bible) is what will help you have the Abundant Life HE intends for you to have (John 10:10)!! HE will help you through every test, trial and tragedy that may come into your life! HE is The ONE Who can bring Life and Change back into HIS people, sending a change of life throughout our society!


May you come to know THE LIFE CHANGER as I have!!

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