Like Clockwork!

Precision. August 21, 2017 marked a predictable and Fascinating Total Eclipse of the Sun! Millions of people around the country along the path of this Total Solar Eclipse were involved and engaged. Many more, as I did, observed a partial solar eclipse (the entire U.S. saw a varying degree of partial eclipse), but were aware of nearby areas where it was the Total Solar Eclipse! The Total Eclipse path was only about 70 miles wide, but it traversed a 14 State, coast to coast path across the lower 48 States of America from Lincoln Beach, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. The last Total Solar Eclipse in the contiguous U.S. was on February 26, 1979, where only 5 States saw it. The last coast to coast Total Solar Eclipse was on June 8, 1918. The next Total Solar Eclipse effecting the U.S. is scheduled for April 8, 2024 from Texas to Maine and the next one coast to coast in 2045. How is all this known and predicted? It’s Like Clockwork!

Stop to consider this—Like Clockwork. Like Clockwork is an idiomatic expression meaning, “With machine like regularity and precision; perfectly.” Doesn’t this describe the moon rotation? The Sun too? What about the earth and its tilt and rotation? These are so stable, we measure time by them! We have our days and seasons and years measured by all these highly stable bodies of mass and energy that our Creator has established (see Genesis 1:14-18). How could a Big Explosion produce such stability? Do you ever know of an explosion that has produced such order and stability? There are at least 80 different parameters that scientists have described that are finely tuned and working like clockwork to make life possible on earth!

Did you know that the Solar Eclipse on this 08-21-17 day was only possible because of the size of our Moon relative to the Sun (which is 400 times wider) and the distance of the Sun from the Moon (400 times further away)? Because they appear to be about the same size during the new moon phase, it is possible to observe a Total Solar Eclipse! Why wouldn’t our Creator create (4 being the number associated with Creation) this 400 times parameter to make this sight possible and do so across our Country over the course of what was exactly 1 hour and 33 minutes (HE, Being One, yet 3 or 3 in 1; also see how the 1-3 connection is in my Top Ten Lessons to Learn and the 133 a number HE brought to my attention and frequently still makes stand out to me!)? It’s all Like Clockwork!

Friend, our CREATOR, JESUS CHRIST (see John 1:1-3; Colossians 1:15-18) is the One Who Created all and Who sustains all like clockwork! HE is the One that established your pulse (see my last blog article posted) and your involuntary, like clockwork heartbeat (unless your heartbeat clock is off a bit from the curse of sin). HE is the ONE that wants to soften and heal your hardened and broken heart. HE is the ONE that gave HIMSELF as the Sacrifice demanded by the JUSTICE of The Godhead. A THRICE HOLY GOD must be just with us, as HE is JUST and disobedience and sin must be punished! HE is a GOD of Order—like clockwork and HE wants you to think about the Order—like the clockwork observed in today’s Total Solar Eclipse and get your life in order! Trust in the Son, Who Created the Sun, moon, stars, this earth and You! HE gave HIS Life to offer you Eternal Life! When you trust HIM, it won’t simply make your life in this sin cursed world easier, but as you walk with HIM, you will find that HIS burden is light and This ULTIMATE CLOCKMAKER will make your life work better—Like Clockwork!

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