By now, especially in the midst of this Coronavirus shutdown and lockdown, you have been faced with an often-repeated question—is that Essential?  Likely, you first considered this when thinking of products you might need in an emergency situation, such as disinfectant, hand-sanitizer or even toilet paper (what about those paper product shortages, especially from the early high demand?  Most consider toilet paper to be an essential!😊)!  Following the serious consideration of personal essentials, came the decisions businesses had to make about what products were more essential.  Then, in an attempt to slow the spread of this novel virus and prevent deaths and overcrowded hospitals, the federal recommendations led to state and local governments mandating many businesses to limit or even shut down their operations, if they were considered “non-essential” businesses!  In addition, many activities began to be cancelled or even ordered to cancel, as most activity outside the home was not considered essential!  Now, as there is a phased or gradual re-opening of businesses and other activities, the same question of what is essential must be considered again!  So, it is ESSENTIAL that you think with me further about what is Essential?!


Essential means something is needed or necessary.  Saying something is essential really begs the question.  How do you know what is needed?  Is the same thing needed every day and for every person at every time?  What do you need in the mornings…to wake up, to get out of bed, perhaps you “need” to get a cup coffee 😉?!  Is it really necessary for you to have a good breakfast (it is said to be the most important meal of the day!)?  For that matter, is it essential that you eat 3 meals a day and have snacks to eat in between?  If so, what food and snacks are essential?  What grains or fruits and vegetables, or even what meat is essential?  Is it essential to have a dessert with every meal?  What drinks are essential?  Is it essential to have a dentist office open if you get a toothache?  Is it really essential that you go to a scheduled doctor visit for a check-up or get a screening to check on other health issues?  Are doctors and nurses really essential?  Is exercise essential?  Is it essential to have the latest and best television (or any T.V. for that matter; they have been selling out everywhere!😐)?  Is furniture essential?  Are computers essential?  Is the Internet essential?  Do you need a cell phone?  Is it necessary to have games to play or puzzles to put together?  Are sports essential?  What entertainment is essential?  Are craft supplies necessary?  Is education essential (there is a buzz, even today, about possibly not opening schools and colleges this fall!?! 😐)?  Are our vehicles essential?  Are news media outlets essential?  Are lawyers essential?  What about our law enforcement officers?  What about the Courts?  Are all of our Local, State and Federal government operations essential?  What about the churches—aren’t they ESSENTIAL?!?  When you think through this more, as I am here, you realize it becomes clear that there is no one thing that is essential for every person, at every time and in every situation; a good argument can be made, however, that almost everything we have had and enjoyed in our lives, at least to some degree, can be considered Essential!?!


Now, there is a very contagious, person to person, and often deadly Coronavirus out there!  How it got out, is another question many will continue trying to determine!   It is important, if not essential, that we be as informed about this as possible and that we take proper precautions to keep ourselves and those around us safe!  Ah, but who do we trust on this?!?  The instructions about what we should do and the models about what would happen with this Coronavirus have consistently changed! 😐 Even officials we are listening to now initially said that this virus was nothing to worry about and that the risk was low.  Initially, we were also told that masks were not necessary or not really even helpful (with scientific support for this), yet now, masks are recommended or are even being mandated as Essential by businesses, and even for every citizen in some states!?!  Granted, the situation has developed and changed, but has the science changed?  Should we never even shake hands with anyone again?!?  What really is essential?  It will be interesting to see, if not essential before any future such actions 😉, what the statistics (here, and all over the world) really show, once things finally do go back to a sense of what has been considered normal!


Friend, what I said in my last two blog articles is still true!😊 This has been a “Novel Viral Separation” and it still is “The Perfect Test”!  It is still true, and as ESSENTIAL as ever, that you are prepared for when you will get sick and even if you were to die!  It is Essential that you know how you should respond, if you have to sacrifice or even suffer in this life (we all will suffer, at least at times, as we do live in a fallen, sin-cursed world)!  It is ESSENTIAL  that we are ready to meet our Creator, whether it be because of this virus or a whole host of other, even more likely things that can and will eventually end our life!  It is ESSENTIAL (for eternity and a better life here—John 10:10) that you consider the historical and Biblical Person of Jesus Christ!  HE is the ONE Who sacrificed HIS Life to pay the necessary payment for the penalty of your sin (Luke 19:10)!  Is it ESSENTIAL that you have faith IN HIM!!

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