Fix it or Forget it…Finish it?!

It has been some time since I wrote out a blog article.  My YouTube channel—Lessons To Learn Ministries (–and the Vlogging there, has been the focus of my attention since the Coronavirus came into our lives!  For the past year, I have also become increasingly busy speaking around the world and seeing God work everywhere His Word is going!  I have thought of many things I wanted to write, but am finally writing out this article now, which I will also use in a Vlog on my YouTube channel! Coming to my attention in a number of ways, is what I see as a key philosophical behavior, driven by human nature and prominent throughout the culture.  This is so important, that understanding it more will help you be more productive and even more accomplished.  What is your M.O. (modus operandi) or method of operation?  Will you Fix it or Forget it…will you Finish it?!

What do you do when you notice something that is not as it should be?  Do you stop your momentum from what you were doing and try to fix it?  Do you just ignore it or forget it?  Do you keep working on what is needed to finish it and make it what it should be?  Now, you may not realize just how much this choice presents itself to you!?  We are faced with the choice of fixing or forgetting things dozens, if not hundreds of times each day!  When you think about it, you really start this decision process the moment you wake up.  It first comes in thoughts you have or just dismiss, even before you get out of bed.  When you get up, you can either fix or make your bed or just forget it…Afterall, you’ll just sleep in it again the next time you lay down! 😉 Unless you are a “neat freak” or perfectionist with perfect living quarters, you will have many things in your home that you can fix, just forget or even finish! If you work outside your home, your job will involve this very decision process, regardless of what you do!  You have many opportunities to fix situations or things needing fixing to be what they are intended to be.  You may have so many things to do, that you cannot finish all, but whatever you do not fix when you can, may be something you just forget.

Too often, when we see something wrong, we just let it go or forget about it! It then easily becomes a habit to just forget about more and more things.  When you fail to put energy into it and fix it, then entropy just takes over and things get less and less organized and things become more and more of a mess!  Are you following what I am saying?  You always have this choice in everything you see or do:  Fix it or Forget it!?  What is your M.O.?  Now, those things you do try to fix, you must bring to some completion—you must Finish it!  When you fail to finish what you work to fix, you just leave it to be fixed later and even risk forgetting about it

Friends, we live in a fallen and degrading world.  There is plenty needing to be fixed!  God says that He has allowed the Creation to be subjected to futility, but that there is hope, for one day He will deliver all and finish all that He has promised (Romans 8:18-25)! For the time we have now, God gives us the job of fixing things that are broken and finishing things on the levels that we can!  He wants us to know that He helps us and is working all together for our good and to finish His work in us (Romans 8:28-30)!  What job does He have for you to do?  Will you pay attention and see what He wants you to fix or will you just forget it and become less effective and usable?  Will you be like Paul and finish all that God has for you to do (2 Timothy 4:7)?!

Jesus said, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work” (John 4:34).  One of the last things Jesus Christ said on the cross is, “It is Finished!” (John 19:30).  He accomplished our salvation and we must believe in His work to be fixed from what happened when mankind fell!  If we fail to pay attention to Him, then we may as well forget it, for eternity apart from Him is hopeless!

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