Sick Until Proven Healthy!?!

Well, here we are already mostly through September and officially entering into the Fall season, and there are still lockdowns and restrictions affecting each of us!  Some businesses are still shut down (especially in more left-wing states that are still locked down) and others have announced they will permanently shut down and go out of business.  Schools have delayed opening, are doing less in-person training, or are reluctantly opening with more limitations.  Masks are often required for even younger children in schools and many trips and outings are being cancelled or curtailed again.  Sporting events have also been cancelled (like much of college football), just like in the Spring and Summer and while some sports are starting again, fans are often limited, if even they do get to attend a game.  Shopping is still limited, and masks are still being required or mandated in most places!  When will these restrictive times end?  Will a Covid-19 vaccine be the end?  Since all is so politicized, perhaps the November election will end the restrictions?!  When you think about it, what we have really done is to change the way we consider things—we are now considering people to be “sick until proven healthy”!?! 

Think about it:  have we ever made people that are healthy wear masks or limit themselves in order to protect those that are sick?  In the past, it has always been those who do have compromised immunity who are responsible to stay in or only come out with a mask or keep a certain distance from others.  What a shift this has been!  In the name of safety and compassion for others, we now demand that the healthy also need to restrict themselves!  Now, positively, many people have been willing to do what is reasonable to try to protect the sick or vulnerable.  This indicates the good in human nature to consider others; however, there is also the bad in human nature coming out!  Many are also looking down on those not complying or still worse, complaining and even cursing or strongly rebelling against any mandates, often living even more risky than normal!  Should healthy people be kept from or limited in working (as is true in many places, such as in California)?  Should we all, whether sick or healthy, be required to wear masks?  Ah, “To mask or not to mask” is certainly a good question!😉 Now, there is also a well-known expression coming from our justice system that should help us here:  Aren’t we supposed to be considered “Innocent, until proven guilty”?!  If this is true, and it should be, then why does it then not follow that we should (as has also historically been the case) be considered “healthy, until proven sick”?  Demonstrated evidence is the basis for proving whether someone is guilty of a particular thing and demonstrated evidence should be the basis for proving whether someone is sick with Covid-19 or anything else! 

Most demonstrable cases of spreading of the Coronavirus have occurred when symptomatic people were coughing or sneezing close to others, and thus more of the virus was shed from them to others and in the air around them!  Yes, it is also possible to shed the virus when you are pre-symptomatic (before you exhibit symptoms) and you can even have Covid-19 without showing any symptoms (Asymptomatic), at least according to some testing (though there is not even 100% accuracy on testing and there are a lot of false testing reports)!  This means you are a potential carrier to give it to others, even if you aren’t sick.  However, does the demonstrated evidence in the data (we didn’t have a lot at the beginning) prove that asymptomatic people are causing this virus to spread or is this still conjecture or fear?   Contradictory information and the typical vague and non-absolute answers (such as, “likely,” “maybe,” “potential,” “risk,” etc.) make the question difficult to be factually or demonstrably answered!  We have come to the place in this case, that because there is potential spreading by asymptomatic people, then all people must be considered sick until proven healthy!?!  This means, as some have even said, that we will never be able to shake hands again or choirs can never sing again or you will always need to practice social distancing, and you must wear masks at all times (even in houses and outside) to prevent the spread of Coronavirus!  This is craziness!  This is unsustainable!  You will never be safe enough!  You will never be absolutely healthy!  There will always be scientists and doctors (especially in infectious disease fields of study) that fear contamination of viruses and pathogens!  There will always be potential risk of exposure to something that can make you sick or even kill you!  Unless we back away from this potential exposure idea, we will continue to promote “sick until proven healthy,” instead of “healthy until proven sick!

Now there is a virus that we all have; there is a sickness that impacts each of us, even to the point of disease!  It is a spiritual death that causes us to eventually die and even makes us susceptible to all kinds of sicknesses! This 100% infected virus is SIN and there is only one eternal cure!  Receiving this cure through faith in the Person and Work of Jesus Christ is the only way to recover from being sick and to become healthy!  If you truly have faith and trust in God, you will not let Covid-19 or any potential sickness keep you restricted and isolated, without greater evidence of imminent infection.  As noted before in a previous blog article, this is indeed The Perfect Test that you cannot fake!  In this spiritual disease, you certainly will be sick, until proven healthy!!