Today is the nationwide release of what is likely to be the most controversial film out this year. The movie–Expelled is being released in theaters today and deals with how certain ideas (Creation and Intelligent Design) are being pushed out of the marketplace of ideas in our University and academic communities. The release of this film so close to the anniversary of the VT Tragedy is no coincidence.

Did you know that the modern Creation Movement began in Blacksburg, VA and in conjunction with the life of Dr. Henry Morris, who was an engineering professor at Virginia Tech for 13 years? Dr. Morris was basically expelled from favor at VT and his students not allowed to do research and papers except from an evolutionary and Darwinian presupposition. You should be able to easily find out more about Dr. Morris or even look up how to get the documentary film about his life–“The Faithful Messenger” (published through the Institute for Creation Research: www.icr.org).


Having worked on the VT Campus for over 10 years and helping bring an academic Creation vs. Evolution Debate to the campus back in 2002, I understand the importance of this foundational, yet controversial issue in our society and in the world. In fact, I believe one reason why GOD allowed (not caused) the VT Tragedy to occur in this quiet and rural town of Blacksburg, Virginia (where it “wasn’t supposed to happen”), is to help people (and churches in particular) to see the importance of the foundational issue of Creation to all of life.


God allowed me to be “EXpelled” from the ministry I founded at Virginia Tech and involuntarily committed (on 2 occasions) because of what I said above and all I was doing to try to help people after the 04/16/07 Massacre. I am still living through the effects of this, my personal tragedy. I am working on a book about all of this fascinating story and how it all relates to the VT Tragedy and the Lessons we all need to be sure we have learned and remember! “Unify Diversity” is a key lesson coming from the chapter in my book–Lessons for Campuses.

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