Dear Reader…Tear Down That Wall!

To adapt a phrase from former President Ronald Reagan: “Dear Reader…Tear Down That Wall!” You might wonder, what does that have to do with anything on this site? Well, I just came home from viewing the documentary film starring Ben Stein–“EXpelled: No Intelligence Allowed.” This was especially moving to me personally, because as I mentioned in Friday’s blog, I have been “expelled” in a very unusual way (though my involuntary commitment and legally forced medication was “more civilized” than what happened to so many who were detained or even killed in the mental hospitals in World War II Germany).

Please try to go see this movie! It is likely in a Theater near you. It explains a key aspect of the cultural battle in our Country. It emphasizes the importance of personal freedom of speech and freedom of religion–freedom that many often take for granted. True science is observable and none of us have observed the origin of the universe or of life. The question of origins is a matter of faith (religion). There should be freedom of religion, but the religion of Evolutionary Darwinism is dominating and prevailing in our culture. This is even keeping many people from personally prevailing through the tragedies in their lives. A wall has been erected around Darwinism and it needs to be torn down! Objective science will allow freedom of ideas and theories, wherever they may lead. Intelligent Design should certainly not be excluded or expelled from academia and the marketplace of ideas.

This happened years ago to Dr. Henry Morris at this “cutting edge” technological university–Virginia Tech, where this wall had been built. God worked through this situation and the life of Dr. Morris, and the modern growing Creationist movement (spawning the Intelligent Design Movement) is the result. The Virginia Tech Tragedy brought about my own personal tragedy and has brought the insider information I am writing about here to many others, even outside the Virginia Tech community.

Consider whether you have erected or are erecting a wall in your own heart (to keep out the pains of life or competing ideas). How can you remove this wall? How can you help remove the wall limiting religious academic freedom? See this movie to help you better realize the wall that is in our culture. Look at the lessons, poems, and other blogs on this site to get some ideas there or even to help with any personal wall in your own heart.

Three key related lessons (listed among the “Top Ten” on this site) I am focusing on in my book are “Respect Authority” (from the chapter of lessons on Authority), “Fortify Foundations” (from the chapter of lessons for our Country), and “Proclaim Truth” (from the chapter of lessons for Churches). Please look up those Scriptures and be reminded of these and other important lessons to learn!

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