Mother Nature vs. Father Creator!

Today is EARTH DAY. I think it is great that a day is set aside for us to think further about our earth and how we need to be good stewards of it. The fact is, that there is no “mystical power” called “mother nature” that governs the earth or brings retribution upon those who mistreat her. Our Creator did establish laws in nature (which even allow us to have Universities to help do experimentation and research). He also established a principle of Reaping and Sowing (e.g. Galatians 6:7-10) that impacts all of us (good and bad). Please do not fall into the trap of “worshipping the creation more than the Creator.” Romans 1:25ff tells what is reaped from sowing that! Does not that description in Romans 1 portray much of the modern American culture?

The first lesson and priority above all lessons that we MUST learn and that would properly order our lives is to “Fear GOD above all (e.g. Psalm 33:8).” When we really do this, everything else in life falls into its proper place. I will blog more about that in a future post. If a person properly fears the GOD of Creation, they will not bring theirself to such a horrible point as did Seung-Hui Cho. The news of another plot in South Carolina yesterday for a Columbine style attack is yet another illustration of what Romans 1 says would happen when we don’t Fear GOD above all.

Dear reader, PLEASE learn this most important lesson in life! You will have the right perspective of life and of the Creation and our earth if you do so. The earth amazingly reflects the glory of GOD and HIS order and character–Romans 1:20 (though we do see a problem in it…more there later too😉).

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