Isn’t it amazing how we all are interested in the news–Have you heard?, Did you know?, etc. Speaking of news, what do you think about the gun dealer who sold to Seung-Hui Cho (and incidentally, to the 02/14/08 Northern Illinois University shooter) coming to the Virginia Tech Campus tonight? This did get a pretty strong reaction from the VT Administration, issued through Virginia Tech spokesman, Larry Hincker.

Now, I know that many do not like to just sit and watch the cable news channels (I tend to do this😉), and even fewer spend time reading the news papers or news magazines. The Internet is a growing tool for learning more about news too. We all do want to keep in touch with what is going on! Much of what is talked about in your conversation is what is going on in your own life or with those you know. Much conversation is about sports related news, be it professional or local teams where friends or kids we know are playing. Quite a bit of news that people are interested in is entertainment related. We, by nature are curious people and want to find meaning and purpose in life.

News of 9/11/01 spread fast and most of us were glued to the Television for days and even weeks as details of this dominated the rest of the year. News of the 04/16/07 Virginia Tech Shootings dominated what people talked about in a somewhat similar way and gained worldwide attention (even last week again on the one-year anniversary–see my post on that day-04/16/08). There is PLENTY of news in my own life related to this tragic event, which is driving me to speak to others and write a book to share things I am learning that can also help all of us if we let it. The news related to my situation offers several thoughts that should concern each of us too–thoughts about where we are in our culture; thoughts about the rights we enjoy, but often take for granted; thoughts about the blessings we often neglect to see; thoughts about the freedom we all desire.

Friend, I trust you will take time to learn more about how GOD has been working in my life through this VT Tragedy and my ongoing personal tragedy. I know it can help you THINK more about concerns in your own life and even encourage you to TRULY PREVAIL through your own life circumstances. News here can keep you in touch with what GOD is doing through my life and how HE wants to work in greater ways through each of us.

News that is positive is just not as interesting. Have you ever considered why? Well, news that is GOOD NEWS, when you are in need of hearing good news, is a GREAT BLESSING, and you will do all you can to learn more about it. I encourage you to look at the GOOD NEWS–THE GOSPEL–tab above and see the ULTIMATE GOOD NEWS! If that does not particularly interest you, then you should ask yourself why and what that says about your perceived needs? You should then check out the TOP TEN LESSONS tab, really thinking about each and looking up the Scripture references. Look for more detail with those as I draw out lessons we all need to learn through the VT Tragedy and my personal tragedy.

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