It seems as though “Change” is a watchword that is being used extensively today, especially as evidenced through the U.S. political landscape.  Do you need change?  Do I?  There is no question that most of us see the need for change in others, though we are slower to realize the need for change in our own self.  Some even take their ideas for change to extreme action against others or even their self.  Why do you think we have had so many school shootings and even young people taking extreme action against their own lives in recent years?  More recent, and related more closely to my own experience and to this website, why did Seung-Hui Cho take such extreme action on the Virginia Tech Campus?  This was the worst U.S. college massacre in history.  Many speculate; others blame; some get depressed or grow more cynical; and psychologists theorize (there are hundreds of psychological theories).  The answers may be more involved, but the why is not so complex.


If we say, “Yes, I recognize the need for change” then we are acknowledging a problem with the way things are; maybe even with the way we are.  Most recognize that things are not the way they should be.  There are various opinions as to what exactly that should be.  You will either remain part of the problem or become part of the solution.  The choice is yours and reality is what it is.  There is no final escape from reality (though there are many attempts); there is only the coming to acknowledge reality for what it is and changing to conform.


GOD is the ultimate REALITY.  HE is the GREAT “I AM”!  HE has personhood and HE exists.  We accept this by faith, though it is not an unreasonable faith.  HE has allowed an imperfect world by giving human beings choice.  We have failed; but HE has provided the solution.  We need to realize there is a need for change and we need to conform.  GOD’S Word, the Bible explains it all.  History vindicates its truth.  Our experience in reality verifies it.


Friend, you may not see what I do, but please try to THINK with me and see it.  It is TRUTH!  It is the reality you will eventually fully see.  It is what I am writing about here and in the upcoming book.  It is the ONLY WAY to truly prevail through the tragedies of life!  GOD gives us good news to hope for change–not only personally, but also worldwide.  Check out “The Gospel” link above.  Look up the Scriptures I am referencing throughout.  Contact me personally if you have a question (my contact info is below).  This is not my truth, it is reality and we will all change to conform or suffer the consequences.

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