Why does Tragedy happen?  Why did a man do what Seung-Hui Cho did on 04/16/07?  It terribly impacted so many!  Why have so many of our young people done similar things in recent years?  Why even did 09/11/01 happen?  Why did the more recent powerful Cyclone move in an unusual and unexpected way to do the damage in Myanmar and kill so many (officially around 78,000 as of today)?  Why do tornadoes even travel the paths that they do, or any storm or wind for that matter?  Why did the earthquake in China happen where it did and cause so much damage and take so many lives (over 40,000 is the latest total)?    What is the answer?:  BECAUSE…


Don’t we often say that?  When a child asks a challenging question, we often say, “just because.”  Sometimes that satisfies the curiosity and sometimes they ask further questions.  When someone asks you why you feel as you do or why you made a certain decision, they often hear “because.”  Sometimes there is more information, sometimes not–you may not even know why.  There are times when we just don’t know why.  Sometimes it may not be best for us to know at the time.


BECAUSE means that there is a reason.  There is a cause.  Every action that happens and every action we take makes a difference, even if we do not realize it immediately.  If you don’t believe me, test it for yourself.   This is reality. You can fight it, but you eventually have to conform, at least to some extent, in order to even live.  There are reasons for everything!  Science helps answer many of the reasons, yet there is SO MUCH we do not know (see Job 38-42 again).


Did you know that the BIBLE has the answers to WHY?  We do not get every specific answer for every specific detail of our lives, yet we do have the answers as to WHY things happen the way they do and WHY GOD even is allowing this world to be where it is now.  I KNOW THE REASONS!  I do not know every reason for every thing that happens; the more I learn, the more I know and the more I realize I do not fully understand.  Yet, there are SO MANY ANSWERS as to WHY?, if we but have eyes to see and ears to hear.  You can understand more; you can understand WHY?  Contact me if you’re curious to more of what I am saying here.  Check out the other blogs and things on this website.  It will help you to TRULY PREVAIL!

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