You may have noticed that much of what I have been writing points the reader to acknowledge the reality of WHAT I am saying.  These things are very practical, but often also philosophical.  This is the type of person that I am and why I am more able to offer real, workable solutions to help people prevail in the aftermath of tragedy.  The Virginia Tech Tragedy hits close to home in that it occurred where I have ministered over ten years.  It also hits very close to home in that it was the catalyst to bring about the personal tragedy that I am still facing.


Ontology is the branch of metaphysics that deals with the nature of being or asking the question, “WHAT?”  It is often practically discussed through the catch phrase, “Reality Check.”  For many years I have wanted to have some newspaper or blog entitled “Reality Check.”  I have even talked with many others about a picture I have in mind to represent the need for us to often force our thinking to a “reality check.”  Asking the question, “What?” is a good way to help discipline your mind to get a better perspective on what you are thinking.


People around you are looking for someone who has the answers and someone who is REAL.  This is borne out in your own relationships and manifest through the cynicism or varied responses to hypocrisy in those around you.  This is also demonstrated throughout society.  For example, in the political world voters want to see that their candidate is “real” and candidates often do things to help people see that they are “real.”


Friend, WHAT am I saying?  There is a spiritual reality that corresponds to the physical reality around you.  I suggest you “get in tune” with this spiritual reality.  To begin, check out “The Gospel” tab above or any of the other items or blog articles on this site.  Feel free to comment yourself (you can do so by signing in to your right) or contact me if you have further questions.

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