Remember: Freedom Through Suffering

Today is officially Memorial Day in the United States.  It is a good thing that the United States sets aside a day to remember those who have given their lives for the freedom of living that those in this Country can enjoy.  We need to make ourselves remember; we so easily forget.  Do you know someone who gave their life to preserve our freedom?  Do you know someone who is giving their life for this now?  We dare not forget that there is a price for freedom.  Suffering and tragedy is always along the path to bring about or even to keep true freedom.  The 04/16/07 Virginia Tech Tragedy is no different.  It will either help us along the path toward individual and collective freedom, or else it will distract us and freedom will be eluded due to our detour.


If we want to stay free, we must stay on the right path and endure through tragedy.  We will prevail by going through the suffering, not running from it or fighting against it.  Do you fight against your suffering?  Do you run from it?  It is what it is.  It is a part of this sin-cursed world that we live in.  It will not be a part of eternity, but is temporarily here to help us learn–learn to be free by coming to know and depend upon the ONE Who is Holy and Free.


Do you remember the last encouraging thing that anyone did for you?  Do you remember how you have been blessed in the past or might you be more focused on the negatives in life?  Have you been detoured from the path toward true freedom?   Negative things do happen and tragedies do take place; this is the reality of the world that we live in.  The ultimate Tragedy is that our Holy GOD had to suffer the rejection and wrath of men in dying for our sins.  Your own ultimate tragedy will be if you fail to recognize what JESUS CHRIST endured for you.


Friend, please take time to REMEMBER.  REMEMBER HIS Sacrifice.  REMEMBER HIS Resurrection!  REMEMBER the promises HE has given us for Hope.  Check out the other blogs, poems and the lessons on this site.  It will help you remember.  It will help you see how YOU can truly prevail through the suffering and tragedies of life!

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