Inform, Communicate and Act

Knowledge is important and is the foundation we build upon to make decisions (of course, Wisdom goes beyond Knowledge, making proper application).  Communication is different from Knowledge.  When there is Communication, Knowledge is passed on so that the one receiving the Information understands it.  Beyond Communication comes Action.  Information, Communication, and Wise Action must take place to achieve the desired result.  If there had been proper Information shared to the point of Communication followed by Wise Action, then the VT Tragedy could have been avoided.


Some tragedy cannot be avoided.  It happens due to the decision making of others or is simply a part of life and the world we live in.  Some tragedy can be avoided when there is good information communicated leading to wise action.  The impact of any tragedy can be lessened when these things are at least true in the aftermath.


Creation gives us much information, if we will take time to see it.  GOD has also revealed much to us through HIS Inspired Word.  His Spirit Communicates to those who will hear through this Holy Word.  GOD has also revealed HIMSELF to us in the Person of The Son–JESUS CHRIST.  When we are informed by GOD through HIS Creation, and we receive the Communication of HIS Word, we can Act upon Its Truth and come to know GOD personally through JESUS CHRIST.


Do you know GOD personally?  If your faith is properly founded (and thus the right kind of faith), then it will lead to action!  Where are you in this process of understanding?  Please search more on this website to find keys to understanding and pointers on where to look in Scripture.  You can respond properly and truly prevail through any tragedy, if you choose to do so.

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