Encourage Marriages

Today has been my personal 18th Wedding Anniversary.  It is a tragic day for me this year, in that this is the first year since my marriage to my wife in 1990 that we have not been together or spoken at some point (I did get to at least see my wife last year on our 17th Anniversary when I was being extensively evaluated at the second involuntary mental hospital commitment).  Now, you may not have much interest in my own personal situation (it is currently still tragic), but there is much that can be learned from my own tragedy that ensued after the Virginia Tech Tragedy.  In fact, the third of my “Top Ten Lessons” (see above tab) is “Encourage Marriages.”  This is not only personally relevant, but is appropriately relevant for helping everyone prevail in the aftermath of the VT Tragedy and even relevant in helping to prevent such a tragedy from occurring yet again.


Marriage is the foundational relationship for ALL of society.  It is EXTREMELY important that we protect and encourage the sanctity of marriage and bolster the relationship between a husband and wife.  No wonder there is such a battle in the United States over what marriage actually is.  It is ludicrous and defying of nature to say that there could be any “marriage” between two people of the same sex.  California judges have it wrong, as do these other states that try to come up with some “gay marriage” acceptance or “same sex” union.  People of the same gender can certainly have close relationships, but the reality of the way we are made forces us to see (if we acknowledge reality) that only a man and woman can propagate the human race through their physical union.  Even if people try to manipulate the Creation to artificially inseminate or even work with the DNA to try to clone, they are FORCED to still use the elements of the sperm of a man, and the egg of a woman.


Why do we have so much divorce, even in religious circles?  Why are so many marriages dysfunctional?  Do we not understand that this dysfunction affects the children?  Even if a child chooses to go astray from a good upbringing, if marriages around this one are strong, it will protect that child from coming to such introspection and rage as Seung-Hui Cho chose.  If you’re interested in more of what I mean there, you’ll have to ask me or wait for when the book will come out.


What are you doing to encourage marriages around you?  If currently married, what might you be doing to encourage and edify your own marriage?  If people around my wife and I would simply encourage our marriage as they should, our family would be back together today.  Our churches and pastors will have a lot of explaining to do (on that judgment day that we will all face) if they do not WAKE UP and begin doing much more to encourage the marriages around them!

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