Technology, Tragedy and Truth

Technology is what is allowing you to now read what I have written.  Technology gives you the pathway to express your thoughts and communicate with others all around the world.  Advances in technology amaze us at times, yet most adapt and come to utilize the benefits of controlling more of their surroundings with information about this real world we live in.  Technology even allows us to create and imagine living in an alternate world, apart from reality.  Technology can benefit the quality of our lives, but it cannot prevent tragedy; it can, however, lead us to Truth!


Virginia Tech University is a technological example to the world and this town of Blacksburg has even been dubbed, “the most wired town in America.”  This technological University is nestled in a rural mountain area, allowing for people to have a better chance to balance technology with the reality of nature.  One example of this is how the strength of the engineering program here interacts with areas such as agriculture.  Many companies in town are building on these discoveries, even in areas such as animal cloning.  Education that craftily utilizes knowledge (i.e. technology) can do much to improve the quality of life; it can also cause damage.  Virginia Tech does seek to “put knowledge to work” and improve the quality of our lives.


No matter how much we learn about or even control our surrounding environment, we cannot prevent all tragedies.  Just look at the ongoing tragedies all over the United States this year through the forces of tornadoes.  The tornado that touched down this past Tuesday in nearby Roanoke, Virginia (the first there in over 34 years) was observed by the National Weather Service in Blacksburg, though a breakdown in technology prevented some from being warned (a communication cable had recently been accidentally cut).  We can do more to observe, inform and even predict these storms, but we cannot control where they go, or what damage they cause.  Technology cannot prevent all tragedies and it cannot control the human heart (04/16/07 is an example of this).


How are you using technology?  Is it helping improve the quality of your life?  Is it leading you toward reality and truth or are you using it to create a false reality?  I pray that through the means of technology in the aftermath of the 04/16/07 Tragedy and my own personal tragedy, many will be led to Truth!

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