Religion and Relationship

One thing coming to attention through the manifesto comments of Seung-Hui Cho as well as through the events of my own personal tragedy following 04-16-07 is the difference between “religion” and “relationship.”  Do you know what this difference is?  Seung-Hui Cho had an idea about religion and took note of what he saw as hypocrisy in those who claimed to be Christian or religious.  He set himself up as a judge of this, leading to his terrible actions and the massacre during that now infamous day—04-16-07.  There is only ONE JUDGE of human behavior and we must all give an account to this ONE!  Religion will not help you.  You must have a relationship with this ONE WHO will be your JUDGE; this ONE WHO is your CREATOR and WHO became your SAVIOR.


Most people are religious.  They worship some idea of GOD and are faithful in varying degrees to a system of belief that they deem best to follow.  Religion can be a good thing, but not unless it is founded upon a true Relationship; otherwise, it is hollow, yet a very dangerous thing.  Persecution takes place in the name of religion.  Wars have been and are nearly always fought over differences in religious beliefs.  Religion may actually harm you and it certainly will not save you–you need a Relationship!


Are you consciously religious?  It has been said that people are incurably religious–they will worship virtually anything (including their own self and mind).  Even atheism has the tenants of religion in the way its “believers” are so committed to following this “non-belief” in any GOD through some form of Naturalism.  There is a real GOD WHO is our Creator and WHO manifested HIMSELF in the PERSON of JESUS CHRIST.


This God-Man sacrificed HIS life blood as a substitute for the sins of the world.  HE offers the gift of salvation from the penalty of sin to anyone who will repent (change their mind) about their own condition (or religious standing) and come to accept that JESUS CHRIST died for them, was buried, then ROSE AGAIN!  HE offers to have a living Relationship with whoever will accept HIM as their Savior.


Please consider the Truth of what I am saying here.  Check out “The Gospel” tab above for related Scriptures to consider.  Look over the other blogs and items on this site for more glimpses of Truth–more ways to help you prevail over sin and over any tragedy that may occur in your own life.  Learn to forsake religion alone and nurture a Relationship that will lead to pure religion!

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