Fear and Change

This is a record breaking year for tornados across the United States.  News of the 4 boy scouts recently killed from a tornado in Iowa and dozens more injured shows how tragedy can strike anyone at nearly anytime.  Historic record flooding is ravaging the Midwestern U.S. and fires are devouring multiple acres of land out west.  A large wildfire (said to have started from lightning) in Eastern North Carolina even spread smoke up into this area of Virginia on Thursday.  Many of these natural disasters will impact all of us through yet additional increases in food and energy costs.  Nobody knows exactly why all these difficulties are facing us now, however, it should cause us to pause and reflect on things we may need to change.


Tragedy should help us learn.  Much has been learned and improved in our Universities following the 04-16-07 VT Tragedy.  There are still other things that must be learned, which is why I established and am blogging on this website.  If we do not learn from the events that happen in life, and particularly from the tragedies, then we are asking that more trouble happen to us in the future.  We all need to grow and change appropriately to best live in the reality of this world.


I was reading in Psalm 55 today and came to verse 19.  It says that the people afflicting King David were going to be afflicted by God since they would not change nor fear HIM.  I have written before about the importance of Fearing the LORD.  As noted, that is also the first lesson to be learned that I have determined coming from the VT Tragedy and my personal tragedy.  If we fear the LORD as we should, we will realize that we need to change and work to do so as appropriate.


Friend, what or whom do you fear?  Are you afraid that a tornado might take your belongings or impact your life?  It could.  Are you afraid that floods or drought and fires will engulf your belongings or impact your life?  They could.  Are you afraid that someone might begin shooting around you and injure or take your life?  They could.  Do you fear change?  You need not.  Are you afraid of what you may face after death?  You should be, unless you are prepared.  Check out the Gospel tab above.  Look over the Top Ten Lessons from Scripture that we all need to learn.  Read over the other blogs I am writing and consider how you may need to change.  Fear the LORD above all and you will begin to change as you should!

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