Intelligence and Ignorance

One place where you expect to find intelligence is on a University Campus.  There is much research that is done on or in conjunction with our college campuses.  Virginia Tech is one of the top research institutions in the country.  This town of Blacksburg has even been coined as “the most wired town in America” and has led the way in Internet and computer technology.  There are numerous businesses that have sprung up in town in what is called “The Corporate Research Center.”  There is even a “Smart Road” in town (one of only two worldwide) where cutting edge research is done in relation to travel and road conditions.  The company cloning animals is also in town and has worked with Virginia Tech to clone several animals here.  With all this intelligence, you wonder how there could be such ignorance as well.  How could there be such an atmosphere that would even allow for the Tragedy that occurred here on 04-16-07?


The fact is that no matter how intelligent we may be we still are ignorant of how so many things work.  Intelligence is also unable to prevent many tragedies (though it can prevent some and help prepare for others).  We cannot fully understand why the wind blows as it does or why it spins and produces tornadoes that cause such devastating damage.  We cannot fully understand why an intelligent student could bring himself to such a point to be able to take so many lives, as Seung-Hui Cho did on 04-16-07.  Well, we need not be ignorant of some things we can understand about this event and how to help prevent such a thing from happening again.


One area where we need not be ignorant is how each human being is a soul that has independent thought and is far superior to any animal in the Creation.  Yet, many very intelligent people still remain ignorant about this very obvious truth and so many place their pets above the people in their lives.  I was listening to a program on the Virginia Tech sponsored public radio station this past Saturday which again reminded me of the contrast between intelligence and ignorance in this area.  The program is “Calling All Pets” and is hosted by Zoologist Patricia McConnell, PhD and Adjunct Associate Professor of Zoology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  Dr. McConnell has many good things to say about animal behavior and is an esteemed expert in this.


I have been disappointed to hear how she so blatantly equates animals with human beings (though there is quite an obvious difference noted in much of her advice given).  This is based upon an evolutionary mindset that sees human beings as merely highly developed animals.  No wonder we can have people go to extreme measures to save and preserve animal life, but be so quick to support aborting a developing human being or abandon some human being who is less than what one desires.  Dr. McConnell was even giddy when talking about the science of “mirror neurons” that are found in our brains and also in the brains of animals (she says, “other animals,” indicating her belief that people are just another form of an animal).  She mentioned how this was discovered by accident when scientists were studying “other primates”—monkeys in this case.


Friend, every human being is a body, soul and spirit that is Created in the Image of God!  We are distinct from the animals and are not related to them through any alleged evolutionary development.  There is absolutely no fossil evidence that demonstrates any transitional form of any animal or any human being.  There is variety among animals and there is variety among human beings.  There are some similarities between us in that we have the same Creator.  We should appreciate and care for the animals that are a part of GOD’s Creation, yet we must see the far greater value of each human being.


Check out my poem “Learn to Prevail—32 to 33” and how many have not properly learned that Seung-Hui Cho was a human soul.  Look at the connection between evolutionary thinking that has prevailed at this Intelligent University, Virginia Tech, and what happened here to help birth the modern Creation Movement (see my blog “Expelled”).  If this ignorant mindset prevails, there will most certainly be more tragedies, because human life will be devalued.  Let us learn to not be ignorant here, but use the intelligence that GOD has given us!

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