Today is my birthday and I am thinking about growth again…Are you able to learn?  Are you able to grow?  We all learn and grow in ways, but how?  How do we learn?  We learn when we are exposed to and challenged with new information.  How do we grow?  We grow when we are challenged to move beyond where we are (be it physically, emotionally and mentally, or spiritually).  Yet, we will not change or grow until we choose to act on what we have been challenged with.  This is a principle applying to every aspect of life!


Have you wondered why so many young people today seem to have so many more problems?  These problems are often so intense that they lead to introspection and isolation.  When there is a blow-up from this isolationist thinking, it can lead to an event such as what Seung-Hui Cho committed on 04-16-07.  I submit that young people today have more problems because their lives are often more defined by comfort and entertainment, rather than by being challenged.  In fact, this “comfort mentality” plagues most in our society, not just young people.


Schools and Universities have often “dumbed down” the education standards.  Governments often look for common political opinions, rather than challenging the people to grow and change.  Churches often “water down” the message so as not to offend, rather than challenge people through the Truth of the Word of God.  No wonder problems follow in all these areas.  How much more growth would we see if we simply took the initiative to challenge those around us in various ways?


I CHALLENGE you to THINK with me here! Don’t make the mistake of focusing on comfort more than on growth and allowing yourself and your thinking to be challenged.  Check out the other thought provoking blogs and other things on this site.  See if you can be challenged to learn from the VT Tragedy and even my own ongoing tragedy.  It would be a great birthday present to me to know that you have grown through my challenging you to think and act appropriately; to know that you are learning to prevail, despite any tragedy!

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