HIGHER Education

Do you have a degree at an “Institution of Higher Learning”?  Virginia Tech is said to be one such University and yet many of our Universities have even forgotten what made them able to call their Institution a University.  One Lesson coming to my mind from the VT Tragedy and my own ensuing tragedy is “Unify Diversity” (#8 in my “Top Ten” Lessons tabbed above).  If you have never researched the history of our Universities, I challenge you to do so.  I challenge you to take a look at the founding statements of the Ivy League schools and you will begin to understand how our great United States of America has been able to be so blessed; yet, there are blessings going unclaimed today…


I trust that this opening paragraph intrigued you enough to look further.  I trust that you will be curious enough to dig deeper into what I am saying and see the Truth of the lessons I am talking about.  Just as I have been writing about in all of these Blogs, I have come to better understand the Wisdom of the Ages (see the 05-03-08 “I KNOW a Secret” Blog).  This is not a secret that I wish to keep from others. I want others to KNOW what I do and the ONE that I KNOW.  I want you, dear reader, to feel the JOY that I feel from the GOD OF HOPE (Romans 15:13) no matter what is happening around you!  I want you to be comforted from the GOD OF ALL COMFORT (2 Corinthians 1:3).  I want you to KNOW this peace that I do through the GOD OF PEACE (Romans 15:33).


I KNOW these things through my study of GOD’S revelation in the Creation, through HIS SPECIAL REVELATION—The Bible, and through HIS PERSONAL REVELATION–THE LORD JESUS CHRIST of History.  My faith is certainly not a blind faith; it is very reasonable faith, consistent and corresponding to the reality that we know (unless we hide from it or refuse to see it).  How does this faith compare with the faith of a mere Naturalist (who inconsistently claims to only believe in what he can see)?  How does this faith compare with Evolutionary Darwinism?


Unfortunately, it was a “Charles” that codified that “theory” with his 1859 racist publication of “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life” (the original full title of Charles Darwin’s book).  Yet, I am a “Charles” who is illustrating its failure to adequately answer life’s questions and also working on a book that historically ties the Modern Creation Movement to the very “Institution of Higher Learning” where the “worst U.S. Shooting Massacre in history” occurred on 04-16-07.  I am LIVING the SUPERIORITY of a faith that has the most reasonable answers to all of life’s questions, despite the incredible trials going on around me and in my life.


Dear friend, do you care about your own life?  Do you care about the lives of those you love?  Do you care about the lives of those you really don’t love (If not, why not?)?  I do care and have sacrificed MUCH to help others see what I see, and KNOW WHO I KNOW.  PLEASE, dig a little deeper (look at the other things on this site; don’t merely dismiss them without thinking about them).  Challenge me if you can find nobody else to take up your questions.  Contact me with the information below.  I would love to talk with ANYONE further.  You too, can learn from the HIGHEST INSTITUTION of LEARNING and KNOW how to PREVAIL through life’s tragedies, as I have and am.

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