Psyched Out!

Have you ever thought about what psychology is? Many I have known or talked with are studying this field of knowledge. There is even a psychology of pets (c.f. my 06-17-08 blog, “Intelligence and Ignorance”). The problem is that there are hundreds of opinions in the field of psychology. I have been involuntarily evaluated by several of these theories and found to be “psychotic, delusional, incapable of making an informed decision,” etc. (incidentally, what is still keeping my family apart and continuing the Tragedy in my own life). I was held against my will (even in America) and forcibly medicated. GOD is teaching me lessons (c.f. all on this site) and I hope I can help teach you some of these too—to prevail through your own journey of tragedies in life!

I have had enough of the dominance of psychological nonsense! Some will fight against me (as they have) and seek to expel me (as has happened) as they will any who glorify man’s opinions. Our society and even our churches, including many of our leaders, have even become “psyched out.” Seung Hui-Cho was judged psychotic (and had real problems), but was not properly helped. He needed SPIRITUAL HELP (c.f. the GOSPEL tab above. I have been judged “psychotic” too (because of my pure faith).

I am a minister of the GOOD NEWS of the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST and all of HIS Truth. I challenge you to investigate this, both in history and even the reality in my own life (as demonstrated on this site and to all around me). I am willing to speak or preach about these lessons I am learning for any group or church. See my contact info. below. BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY is FAR SUPERIOR to any philosophical system in life! I am proving the reality of that in my life, as you can too, unless modern psychological theory has you “psyched out.”

Please seek to be mentally stable by being spiritually stable. It will have tremendous effects on your physical body too! HAVE THE MIND OF JESUS CHRIST–c.f. Phil. 2:1-8.

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