KEY Communication

As noted in my 05-30-08 Blog, (“Inform, Communicate and Act”) communication is at the core between information and action.  If the proper information is not there it cannot be communicated.  If the right action does not follow, then there must be something blocking proper communication.  Proper Communication is the key to proper action, even as evidenced where I worked today.  If you doubt what I am saying here, just test it and see if it is not reality.


GOD has COMMUNICATED to us in many ways, yet we often are too blind to see it.  We miss SO MUCH!  MUCH was missed leading up to the VT Tragedy, as has been noted and recorded in the Special Commission Report Virginia Governor Kaine appointed to investigate (found on his website ( ).  MUCH was missed leading up to my own personal tragedy and has been all along the way.  We had best do more to consider what all we might be missing, especially things that we cannot physically see.


From GOD’S General Communication (Creation) came HIS Written Communication (the Bible) and then HIS PERSONAL COMMUNICATION (The Person of JESUS CHRIST).  We would do well to consider these three, if we hope to receive further Communication from HIM!  When we use these keys, GOD will open the door of fellowship and blessings to us (c.f. Rev. 3:20) and accomplish GREAT THINGS in and through us!

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